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  • spring bear in Nome

    Looks like the musk ox season is gonna get away from me and my time here in Nome is now limited. Work is looking good in Anch this year and I need to get back home to my kids. I am expecting the middle of May to be my return journey back home and hope to get a grizzly before i leave. Anyone care to comment on my time frame and chances please do.

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    Sent you a PM. I can be reached at 443-5926.
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      i cant speak for right around nome because i haven't hunted there but around kotz i saw grizzly out as early as march 23rd last year. I think by mid-late april you should have a great chance of finding one. If you have all the way until May it should be easy.


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        I have hunted spring bear there for 10 years the best time is usually around the 15 of april and the week after. But that all depends on the snow conditions for that year. Just have to check with people there ( martentrapper) to see how break up is going.


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          Yup, starting Apr.15 you can find them....I'd look more towards the last week of April/beginning of May. All depends on how break up is going.
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