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    Hello i am looking for some advice on diy spring black bear i went to pow a few years back 4 and killed a average bear buy had a great time. i have been reading alot about pow bear hunting not being what it once was? My question. Is there a place similar to pow that still has lots of bears? public land? that can be done on a limited buget???? are places like vancouver and pws or kodiak options? Thanks

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    Vancouver Island is Canada and you would be required to hire a guide as a NR. Kodiak only has Brown Bears. PWS is your only option from the list that has Black Bears you could DIY.

    Budget is relative of course. POW got a reputation as a budget concious hunt because of all it's roads and ferry service.

    Are you an Alaska Resident and if so where do you live? Not trying to be difficult but we may be able to help if we know where your traveling from.

    For example I live in Sitka and use a boat to access my prefered Black Bear area.


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      yea you are right i live in v.a. and those where just some of my ideas i am open to suggestions?


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        DIY HUnting

        The Alaska Guide lobby has put a stranglehold on POW and SE hunting for non-res DIY folks anyway starting in the fall of 2012 so it would benefit you to start looking for something interior or in Canada. POW still has great hunting for the cost and a better than average chance at a dandy mixed with good fishing - now to be enjoyed mostly by AK residents or guided folks. Should be nice for AK residents though!
        There will be a few permits available to the DIY hunter but probably not with good enough odds to plan a trip around.

        Ontario is an easy drive for you and good hunt I have many buddies who have had good success there. Saskatchewan or Alberta are great options with color phases. PWS is also not what it once was either from my circles reports but has some good hunting and I have always had fun out there. Last choice is to fly to Anchorage, rent a car, and hike up any trail on the Kenai. Easy bear - though not a POW potential bear ;-)

        Good luck, PM me for more info or Kenai hunt info.
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        Prince of Wales Island


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          Thanks everyone for your help it sounds like its going to be ankorage in june for sure.Any suggestions on a good place to stay in ankorage or palmer or anywhere else in area? also any ideas on what the process is like of getting every thing back to v.a . ? like fish maybe bear is it best to use airline or just ship?


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            Hey everyone thanks for your help our bear hunt ended up in n.b with slipp brothers due to my daughters school schdule and the fact that Ankorage was very late coming out of winter. but everything went great at slipp brothers we both took bear my daughter took a real nice one and the other guys in camp where great very nice people the owners ron and duane worked very hard for their hunters and everything they said and promised was right on.if i can help anyone with operation please let me know.


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              If you had to pick one forest service cabin to hunt bear out of on pow which one would it be? Is anyone familiar with these cabins?


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