HOPE, AK. area BEAR Forecast for 2011



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  • HOPE, AK. area BEAR Forecast for 2011

    First: I predict more bears will exit the dens earlier than normal. We have very little snow this winter, with zero" to 5" currently at sea level. Normal would be 24" to 60" at sea level in early March.
    Yes, winter is not fully over, but green vegetation will arrive early, first along the beach & then along the Hwy.

    Second: There was last year clearly reduced sightings of Black Bears in the area, most likely do to increased hunting pressure, however I can NOT dismiss that predation by the Brown Bears could have contributed to this, I don't know this to be a fact, just a maybe.

    This is very unscientific, but just based on the paw print I encountered last year while doing my three to five mile hikes, I would guess that now the Brown Bears are 55% of the bear population. And as an aerial survey might show more Black Bears spotted, I would submit that the Brown Bears are harder to see, and more nocturnal. (Slightly)

    This conclusion is supported by bear baiter's cameras. And although I don't bait bears I do enjoy feed-back from several who do in this area.

    Just a side note: The monster Brown Bear that was here all summer 2008 was not seen nor was a track seen in 2009 or 2010. He was or is a true monarch.

    Good hunting, Men & Ladies.

    Please Note: I am NOT a biologist, nor do I portray a biologist on TV.

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    Don't think it takes a biologist to realize the brownies are starting to take over the peninsula. You can sorta count me as a pre-biologist I'm getting my biology degree in about 2 months and I have no doubt that brown bear predation is increasing on blackies. I know a couple ppl that have seen brownies chasin blackies on the peninsula.

    There are trails that used to have lot's of moose tracks that this last year were instead full of brown bear tracks. Saw more brown bear moose hunting this last year (10) than I have all my other 12 years of hunting combined.

    With that said there is still lot's of blackies around as well, and in fact the limit is likely going to be raised to 3 for the KP.


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      It was three Black Bears in the 70's and I did not mean to infer that there are not many Black Bears, only the trend over the last few years. Also my reference is strictly the greater Hope Road + 10 miles area.


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        I was agreeing with you man. Brown bears aren't just increasing in the Hope area. I was just adding that line about the limit likely getting increased to 3 to recruit some more black bear hunters to the KP and also KP residents to get out there and harvest their 3.


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          I knew that, I just wanted to make it clear to others that I rarely get far from the farm.


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            A walk today in Sterling...............I just posted a thread on it "a wake up call"..



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