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DM684; Access from the Rex Trail

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  • DM684; Access from the Rex Trail

    My brother an I drew cow tags for DM684, north of the Rex, between the rivers, north to the Tanana. Our original plan, if we drew, was to take an Argo in, probably before or after the general season to avoid hunter traffic. However, in now looks like we are not going to have access to an Argo. Now I need to consider other ways to access the unit.

    Its 15 miles to the first river (Totatlanika), is it realistic to take ATVs that far in, in August vs October?

    Part of the unit could be accessed via the Tanana, but would require lots of float time in areas we can't hunt, but would be a fun trip (not so sure about prob of success though).

    We could also arrange a fly in to one of the lakes in the unit, but it would be an expesive alternative for just freezer run.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly apreciated.

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