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DS 170 sheep hunt

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  • DS 170 sheep hunt

    Drew the tag this year and I am going to fly in . Need to find the best place to land I have been told there are a few strips back there. Is there a strip higher than Grasshoper?

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    Congrats on your permit.

    I'm no pilot, but just looking at the map and aerial, I doubt there's much for strips above Grasshopper. I would try to to track down a Cub pilot who's familiar with the area and see if he knows of any strips. While you're at it, pay for an hour in the air this summer to fly around and see where the sheep are hanging out.

    Honestly, from the mouth of Metal Creek or Grasshopper access to the whole unit is pretty straight forward. Put your boots down and get in there. If I were you'd I'd be going in there the 7th or 8th at the latest.

    Good luck.
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      Numerous places to land. Some are not pretty. I'd Fly w meekins.


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