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Koyukuk Running the River

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  • Koyukuk Running the River

    Hi I'm a new Member to this Forum and I was Lucky enough to get a couple of Draws this year one of which is for the DM828 Early season Hunt. I searched the older Threads to get as much info about the Rivers as possible but was looking for some Hunters that had made the Run in recent years. I will be taking my boat "21' Thuderjet inboard that sucks fuel" from the Yukon bridge and would like to get some information on Re-fueling,River H***ards, approx. run times and any other info a Hunter could use to help Chart Plot this trip as well as see if any other Members will be making that run this year:question:

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    Welcome AK Sportsman. I will be running up this year but on the second season. There are several members on here that have made the run and have provided great information, which should chime in. I know from what I have learned is the fuel locations are Tanana, Ruby and Galena. Other than that, I will let the experts fill you in since this will be my first year making the "trip of a life time". Good luck on your hunt.


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      We did that trip last year. I made a video on the trip and take lots of gas!!!!!!!

      "I refuse to let the things I can't do stop me from doing the things I can"


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        Awesome!!! Nice Bull. Thanks for sharing your Video. By the looks of your Boat I have plenty of gas containers to buy!


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          Thanks Ryan B! Good Luck on your hunt as well. Looks like an awesome area to hunt for sure. "I can't wait"


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            Congratulations on the draw - Great area to hunt and quite the adventure The area has called me back a lot of different years. Lots of different options for the hunt and you can PM me with any specific questions you may have. I recapped our run down there last fall and posted it here and that is bookmarked below as well as some pictures in my album.

            The 2010 trip recap
            Most of these pictures are from Koyukuk hunts
            A previous Koyukuk moose pack


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              Last trip I went on in 2009 and Ruby had fuel, but no hose to the river. You had to call the guy up and he would come down and get your barrels and you would go from there.
              Tanana and Galena had fuel hoses to the river. Huslia had gas as well and it was cheaper than Galena.
              Before you do any planning take your boat out on a lake and see if she will get on step with about 300 gallons of water filled drums on deck.
              You will be the heaviest when leaving Galena and fuel burn numbers are high.

              It is a great trip and we just bought a inboard jet boat to do it again this year. But I strongly caution you to work out how much fuel you need to carry. More than a few people get permits for this area and have no idea of the logistics involved in getting up the Koyukuk.

              Coming home with a couple of unboned moose and going up the Yukon is a fuel drainer as well.


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                Just to add, in Sept of 2010, the fuel stop in Galena had a hose that reached the shore, and they also had a pickup truck for rent available to anyone wanting to haul meat and gear fom shore up to the airstrip/port. for about $30.


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