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  • Looking for help, Youth Hunt DM792

    My 12 year old drew a moose tag for the Bison Range Youth Hunt which is on the Panoramic and Gerstle fields south of Delta. We're in SE on POW and hoping to find any info at all on this hunt. Sounds like a pretty good chance for a kid to take a moose. Are there places to camp up there or is it better to rent a place? We're thinking of driving up with a chest freezer in the truck. Is that a good wat to go? We are excited, he is ready to head up now. Any help is appreciated, thanks much!

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    When I was up that way in October one year helping a friend with her bison permit, there were some people hunting cow moose that were camped near the entrance to one of the fields. I don't recall the specific area, but there were certainly some people camping. There are also cabins to rent nearby (Silver Fox Inn, I think) that are pretty nice, but in September camping might be a more fun (and less expensive) option.

    Man, that is an awesome hunt for the youngsters. You'll see lots of moose, almost guaranteed. Given a four-day hunt window, if my kid had that permit I would focus the first two days on trying to find a legal bull. If we were seeing lots of cows, I'd keep that trend up for day #3, then focus on filling the freezer on day #4 if no legal bulls were found. The only person I've known that has had this permit was a student who hunted it in '09. He took a 53" bull on opening morning, and they saw at least 20 other moose in the first few hours. Not sure how typical that is, but when I've been in the area, there were loads of moose in those fields.


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      We did that hunt last September with my neice, Sydney. It is a great hunt, and a pretty difficult tag to draw, so congrats to you guys! I video taped the hunt and put it up on Youtube.

      We searched all the fields the first day, and even saw two in the first few minutes of entering the Panoramics. We concentrated our efforts where we saw the most sign, and on the second morning we opted to take the first legal moose we could. There were a couple bulls in the herd, but they weren't legal. The larger bull was right around 40". He actually ran two cows right to us, and we shot the larger one at about 70 yards. Sydney's first shot killed the cow, but my brother followed up since it was heading for the tree line. Sydney took the third shot, which was a kill shot too then my brother followed up with another shot as it was falling. You can see the cow falling just before the third shot.

      You will have to pick your weekend, and depending on what number he drew, you will have 1st through 10th choice. If he is a higher number, you will probably get the last week of the season. Sydney drew the 10th permit and we hunted the last weekend even though it was our last choice.

      Lots of walking, and I'm sure if we would have gotten further from the main enterances, we would have gotten on to more moose. Makes for easy packing, but frustrating since you can't drive out there to get it.

      Plenty of comfortable places to camp. There is a large campsite on the east side of the Gerstle River that has large areas, picnic tables, outhouses and firepits. We camped there the first night then decided to move to the area that we shot the moose the second night and we began processing the moose in the field since we had a lot of day left. We took the .410 and knocked off a few grouse as well, there are no shortage of them out there.

      Good luck on the hunt! My 9 year old drew a permit this year as well, but not the youth hunt. We'll be focusing on getting her a moose around the Chatanika River this August!


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        Great info, thanks guys. We are pumped. That video is awesome. Can't wait to head on up.


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