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AK DIY griz/dalls - what unit?

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  • AK DIY griz/dalls - what unit?

    My sister has moved to AK and, of course, I am going to take advantage of this and hunt brown bear and griz, and possibly mnt goat in fall 2007 (I am a NR). Yes I understand all the reg's we will have to obey and we will follow the reg's.
    AK is HUGE and has a lot of different units etc, I am a research nut and plan big hunts very carefully. At this point I am begining my planning and I am hoping you can give me some pointers where to start looking.
    I REALLY want to hunt griz and dall sheep, mnt goat is good too, with a bonus of moose or bou nice. What places/units should I look at to hunt griz and dalls from the same camp? I am willing to pay to fly in anywhere. I likely will plan a solid 3 weeks hunting (with several additional days for flying) so I can hunt different areas, but I would prefer to hunt somewhere with a good chance seeing a griz while sheep hunting or vice versa. Or go to a good area with sheep and moose, slim chance at a griz, then go to different spot with griz and bou.
    I do not need any specifics yet, just some ideas to start my research, also please reccomend any books, website, links or sources of info that might help my in the early part of my search.
    I plan to apply for tok for dalls too, but hunt elsewhere if not drawn (which most likely I will not be!).
    Do I need to worry about drawing tags for griz, sheep or goat or are there plenty of good areas where tags are OTC? From what I here draw hunts are typically close to civilization, any remote areas are OTC with few exceptions. Obviosly I will apply for draw areas, but plan on hunting OTC areas. Thanks DonV

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    Good luck finding any help with sheep and you'll find grizz/brown bears in almost every unit where there's sheep and goats.


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      I keep hearing that about sheep, again I am just looking for which unit, not GPS coordinates. Just a starting point, if anyone cares I can share elk hunt info and possibly swap a hunt.


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        There are still some good pockets of rams around the fringes of the Tazlina and Hallet Glaciers. Look at Iceberg lake as a possible drop point. On the ice is better, that way you hunt down and across, rather than up. Trick is, very few pilots will land you up there. They always want to put you in easy places, with others. Lots of grizzlies and wolverines in there as well. For some reason, the wolves have stayed pretty much to the north and west of there. That is why sheep remain. It is cub territory, but a few friends have worked it with larger tail dragger conversions. Good Luck
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          What are you going to do, put in for a single drawing and if drawn have your sister join you as a packer? There are over the counter tags, the units of the Alaska Range, the Wrangell Moutains and really, most other northern units have a sheep season. Go on line at fish and game where you can look up harvest statistics and seasons, etc. for sheep (and bear). It'll give you a lot of the information you are looking for.


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            Good for her

            Taked you sister into going hunting, and not just any hunt, a Mountain sheep hunt, thats great, we need more woman exsposed to the ways of hunting


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              Brooks range

              If you go north to the Brooks range (units 25 & 26) you will have a good chance of getting sheep, bou, & possibly a griz given enough time
              Beatiful area, a few rivers to fish & decent game numbers, hard to beat for an alaskan experience whether you harvest animals or not.
              If $ is not object I wouldn't look anywhere else.


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                If your a non-res, is your sister planning on sheep/grizz/goat hunting with you? I know you can hunt moose/caribou w/out a guide, but your sister has to be a resident and hunt with you to make this all legal.



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                  sheep/grizzly combo

                  I'd look at either Unit 12 or 25A if I was considering a sheep/grizz combo. I would try to plan a good sheep hunt and focus on getting a ram. If a nice grizzly was available I would look at that as a bonus. In general combo hunts are pretty tough to pull off. I would focus on one species at a time.


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                    Alternate Combo

                    Think about focusing on sheep when you hunt sheep. If you're looking for high mountain combos, SE has a lot of goats, and we're pretty thick with bears.

                    You can find goats in their winter fur during the brownie season on Baranof and islands near Ketchikan. And there aren't many drawing permits to bother with, either.

                    Good luck!


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                      Well it wasn't mentioned whether or not his sister was married. If she is, than he can go with his BIL.


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                        huntin' sister

                        I almost always see bears (more griz than blacks) when sheep hunting. Does your sister know she has to go hunting with you when you go? you know?...just thought I'd check. Women can be very good hunters esp. with their ability to spot game (nuances and differences in color and patterns)...but the number that hunt self guided (Julie and Kiki Collins initially come to mind) are kinda like chicken lips...few and far between. In some parts of the Wrangle Mts, parts of the Chugach Mts. and a few very isolated areas of the southern mid-Alaskan Range Mts have sheep, goats and bear on the same mountain.
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                          I and my sister are well aware she needs to be with me, I have made that clear to her and she says she is still up for it, she likes the outdoors, hopefully enough for this. Will be an unbelievable experiance no matter what.

                          Thanks for the starting points for info, it is a BIG help getting started. I am sure if this all pans out I will be asking many many more questions.


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                            Also, does my sister have to be at my side at all times? For example can she sleep in while I am up early hunting assuming we are at the same camp?


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                              Might Stand Corrected

                              I believe she only has to be in camp. But is something goes wrong with the hunt, she is legally responsible for all your actions.
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