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Now that the tags are out, whos hunting plans have changed?

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  • Now that the tags are out, whos hunting plans have changed?

    I know mine has. I went from doing a 2 week caribou hunt on the haul road to just a week. Went form hunt moose in a bear hunting haven, to hunting with family. The only plans that havent changed yet, is bear baiting. Just wanted to know, should be an interesting Thread!:topjob:
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    I was planning on doing a Sept Brooks range hunt but now it looks like I have to hunt the TOK ds103.


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      Well, after many years of never connecting on a moose (actually I have never connected on a moose), I decided this year I am gonna get out as far as I can, possible do a float hunt, spend a little money and do it right....

      Well, I drew an antlerless tag for the valley so I guess I will just go out my back door. Less fun, but saves me a bunch of money and still fills the freezer.


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        My plans really changed - I was planning on a Delta Bull Bison hunt and now it has changed to a cow moose - so much for positive thinking!


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          I had purposely held off making firm plans until the draw... had considered a float for moose or 'bou with a buddy of mine and more than a passing thought to heading to the Brooks.

          Now that I drew DS203 I'm going all in for that one.
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            Instead of Brooks, I am hitting 14B for Caribou, the spouse has a cow tag for the Valley. my deer hunt never changes. A deer hunt in Alaska can turn into a Goat hunt real fast. But my Brooks is on hold till 2012 the lord willing. So yes my plans were modified to fit the permits awarded to us. Now back to the treadmill. :O)
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              Well my end of August sheep hunt moved from a general harvest area to DCUA. My caribou hunt for my wife and I is now just for my wife and I will try to find one somewhere in 20A earlier in the season. Have to possibly drop a sheep hunt (had 3 planned) in order to go chase goats down Seward way. Possibly move the deer hunt from End of Oct to end of Nov to accommodate a buddies brown bear hunt and also chase fairbanks area cow moose hunt with my wife. So yeah things got jacked up a little, but for the better I believe.


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                By getting a goat tag my plans have not really changed, only expanded, I am very excited about my upcoming season. I plan to do a sheep hunt in the brooks around opening day, then try for my goat and blackbear on the same hunt, then late season moose, finishing up with a deer hunting trip in PWS, with the possibility of doing a spring brown bear hunt. If the stars aligned just right, I could get a sheep, goat, black bear, moose, deer, and brown bear this year. This is more of a fantasy, but possible.
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                  Nope - Unforturnately I will have to stick with plan A - sheep in the Wrangells and brown bear on the Pen. Life is terrible


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                    Yes. Our plans have changed. It would have been different depending on the kind of hunt that we would have gotten. We tried for sheep, bison, caribou, and goat. Our draw permit would have been the priority hunt.

                    We are trying to figure out exactly how to plan our hunts that we need to do here in Alaska including 2 foot races that I have planned between how much time I have to figure out to request off of work.

                    I am thinking it might look like this:
                    July - Race
                    August - Sheep Hunt
                    September - Race and Climb in Colorado, Hunt in Colorado / Bow
                    September - Moose Hunt
                    October - Caribou Hunt

                    July and September, I'll definitely have to request time off for. My co-worker says that she wants to race with me, but if I am taking her to Colorado with me, she will climb with me, too, but that will mean that she will do some hunting with us, a well.

                    So... that's what it looks like we are going to be doing.

                    For next year, though.. I am thinking about surprising my husband with doing a 'big' hunt and saving up for it if we get a draw permit.
                    That would be... Musk Ox. Shhhhh if you know him. I know it's an expensive hunt, but he's worth it to me... and it's worth it for me to start getting back out in the outdoors with him, too. We've always viewed our shared hunts as an investment into our marriage and that's exactly what I'll do for him.


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                      My plans for the species I drew (Cow Elk) probably aren't changing much as I was already determined to go after Elk,
                      preferably a Cow, in the Registration hunts on Afognak somehow, so not much change there.

                      There is something about winning a drawing tho, I'm now All Focused on making that opportunity count.
                      Like it just became my top priority.

                      Otherwise, I was really interested in some kind of Out West Coastal Bear, and regis Moose, then those Reindeer on Kodiak have got my interest up for some reason,...
                      So, as far as the entire year plan goes, a major shift in priorities,
                      and the Drawing Factor kind of makes it a more sure thing, Cause I'm Definitely Gonna Hunt That Permit, and Much Harder Now.

                      Can You Tell,..... I went MANY Years without drawing anything ??
                      Now, two yrs in a row, sure adds to the excitement of the plan
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                        My plans haven't really changed... I didn't have any, except to get lucky in the draw. The luck plan didn't pan out, so it's on to plan B... making plans not involving the draw.

                        I only got a week at the beginning of August off, not sure what to do.


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                          Was planning on Deer and goat hunt in SE and now with a DC590 hunt the father in law and I will be headed towards 14. After 10 years of not drawing a tag I draw 2 in one year. My wife does not know what to do with me. Caribou in August and Elk in October. Should be a great chance to make good on a lucky draw. My father in law is not as amped for the caribou hunt as he was for goats. If somebody has some good pictures of the Talkeetna caribou critters I would love to see them.

                          Best of luck to everyone.
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