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  • koyukuk river

    Looking for some info on different ways of accessing this area .I do not own a boat wanting to know if you can access this area with a raft.If you have any info please contact. Thanks

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    Look up Charlie Green in Galena. He might be able to help you


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      Yep, Charlie is the man for that area. Without a way to move up and down the river your chances are vastly limited.

      Forum member alaskachallenge@yahoo.com is also very knowledgeable about that area and may be able to help you.

      I went with a friend last year that drew DM830, we took his boat from the Dalton bridge, 462 miles one way, that is graduate level jetboat country. Trip of a lifetime, sure glad I'm not doing it again this fall, my ears are still ringing from 6 days in a jetboat nonstop.

      Good luck

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        I don't know if Charlie would appreciate me putting his # out there or not, but if your interested you can pm me and I'll give it to ya.


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          I also can provide some info via pm.

          Good Luck, Tim
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            Originally posted by outdoorone View Post
            Looking for some info on different ways of accessing this area .I do not own a boat wanting to know if you can access this area with a raft.If you have any info please contact. Thanks
            no raft unless youve got a motor,,could use it if you got a ride up the river,,no fly zone durning moose season,,100 mile plus ride from galena,,charley green is the guy to call for a transported hunt,,656-1601,,he wont get to mad at me lol
            pm me if you have any questions,,met sid and big 27 this fall up there,,,


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              Why not take a scheduled flight into a village?

              You guys say no on the raft, but I'm thinking there are several ways to do it. First off the OP needs to look at the map to see where his hunt is. Depending on that and his time, he does have some options.
              1- Float down from the haul road. Yep. A long, long, long slow ride, but doable if you have the time. Oh yeah, and if there is enough water up high to float and not have to drag for days.
              2- Scheduled flights into a village (Huslia or above). Little bit iffy, but possible if you get help lined up before the trip. The station agent for the air carrier might be helpful.
              3- Charter into a village. Better check the rules here.
              4- Outfitter like Charlie to transport you to the area, then hunt and float from there.
              5- Charter into an area above the KCUA and float down into it. Again, check the rules to be sure.

              The Koyukuk is broad and slow. A big raft w/ an upriver wind will go upriver. Years back a friend took a big raft w/ a motor. He ran from Galena down the Yukon and up the Koyukuk. All went well until he got moose and other critters then could not get on step. I had told him initially he did not have enough fuel, and even though he added more, turned out I was right.
              I'd think a guy w/ good oars could cross the river easily, even though it is wide. A raft, though not my first choice, could work if it is all you had. maybe.
              So far the other guys are right. In a big boat w/ lots of Horse Power I figure 16 hours from bridge to camp. That's running around 36mph. Sometimes I do it faster, sometimes slower. It depends a lot on the water.
              Call Charlie and see what he has to say. His Peregrine is an awesome boat, and he has pretty good gear for his hunters too. That's how I met AK Trout. Neat story there.
              Good luck,


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                One of these years I want to fly into Hughes on Warbelows with a raft/outboard, and motor down the koyokuk to Huslia and fly out. I spoke to Warbelows, and they said they fly hunters/meat out all the time. Even gave me phone numbers of their people in Hughes.
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                  I second Charlie Green. My wife and I had him run us up river and rented a little outboard from him. Nice guy, fair prices, good, personal service. If I ever hunt the Koyukuk again he would be my go-to man!


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                    You need Charlie Green, I went with him last year. Awesome guy, trustworthy, go with the flow and don't worry about the little things. Charlie did everything he said he would and more. He is busy and h


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