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    I drew a cow elk tag for SW afognak in October.
    Any of you guys have any experience with this hunt or this area? What kind of weather am I likely to be facing? What is a reasonable number of days to plan for to be fairly certain that I'd be able to get a cow?

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    I did the Raspberry Island hunt in 2007, was delayed 4 days getting there because of weather, ended up with only 4 days of hunting because of it, The later you can go the better, may get some snow to help you find the Elk and more bears will be denning up for the winter. Malina lakes are a popular place to base your camp out of the the SW hunt. I drew the "remainder" tag this year for Afognak, can't wait to go.


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      Hey Stick, you thinking of Bowhunting them, maybe ? Just curious as to your title,

      I did the Raspberry first season Bull last year, did an extensive write-up on it here

      That was the first week of Oct but you'll get a pic of the terrain, and the weather, (it's right across the Raz straits, very similar, more animals tho on Afog)
      It was blowing hard off and on the whole time, that time of year it could go either way but plan on Windy, and probably not much snow (hard to call that tho)

      I've got the same permit this year, if you mean 713, Cow on SW Afog.
      By my experience it's all about finding the herd, then pretty easy hunt,
      but very tough on the recovery of meat part for Bear Action. I can just about gaurantee they won't be denned up by then. Way too warm, and they are pretty tuned into the hunt season it seems.

      Literally EVERYONE talking about Elk on Afognak is talking about Bear Issues, just so you plan for that. Bear Fence or party of packers, whatever it takes to make a quick recovery or have a darn fortress around your meat if left overnight, as in someone staying with it or something.

      Fantastic meat tho, Good Draw if ever there was,
      Cow is a much more manageable size animal also. I can hardly wait.
      Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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        Yeah, I drew DE713 as well. I am a bowhunter, though not tremendously experienced - I've only shot one animal by archery so far. I put in for this tag thinking it would serve as good bowhunting experience. Make a stalk and if I blow it make another, make another after that. That plus the possiblity of stalking deer as well.


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          I think you are right on that stick,
          I did several stalks last year on the Elk on Raspberry and ended up shooting a bull from some 48yds,(with rifle tho)
          At the point of my final kill shot I slipped in between brush patches up on top of a ridge and in a strong rain downpour, found I had the edge of the herd cows at something like 22yards (rangefinder accurate). That was ultimate cool

          It's a real challenge to get close as all those Cows are always looking, seems you are always about to get busted but as far as finding the herd to stalk, not the toughest part, it's all about getting close with all those eyes

          Hope you do get to take one with your bow, that's be a memory of a lifetime,
          Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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            Hey, I finished your old post. That was an awesome story!
            How about footwear? Did you use crampons ever on the wet grass slopes? Or would extratuffs be better than leather boots?


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              Extratuffs with crampons that is


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                Extratuffs would be the call, It wasn't all that steep for the needing crampons on wet grass tho. Just really wet in the valley bottoms
                A lot of walking tho which is where I was glad to have my Danners just for the ankle support.

                I'll probably bring both, as I am boat based so extra stuff isn't such a big deal. If the weather is dry and cold or snowy, make the call as to the days weather. It can get mighty wet out there that's for sure. Extratuffs are always my "Go To" gear.

                Really cost me last year getting soaked like that, but then again, I did get a pair of waterprooof socks for Christmas, so will have to try those with the Danners, may be "The Ticket"
                Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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                  There is nothing worse than starting the day off in wet boots. I wonder if I could bring two pairs of boots and alternate the days that I wear them. I wonder if 36ish hours in a tent down there even dry out a pair of boots?


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                    Yeah I can relate, especially if they are frozen in the morning,...

                    on the 36hr "dry-out" hopes,.... Probably not,
                    unless you are getting a campfire going or something.
                    last year in early Oct, it was just plain moist and cold.

                    I'm really interested in the waterproof socks idea, several guys came on that thread later and seemed to be "Convinced of their success"

                    have you ever used them?
                    With Extratuffs, I use Bama socket liners, they dry out phenomenally well, just slip them down in the bottom of your bag, or leave them on at night, Fantastic for keeping feet dry.
                    Can't fit them inside the Danners tho
                    Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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                      No, I've never tried waterproof socks. I suppose I'd be open to trying... I still would worry that the boots are going to be heavy and lose a good deal of their insulating value even though my feet stay dry. Maybe I just need to experiment with them.


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                        Gents...I got the same tag...Kodiak...I would love to pick your brain about Afognak....Have not been back there since the mid 80's in the USCG...Sent you a PM...


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                          Also Drew the DE721.
                          From what I take from the notes and research on the forum..(which is limited on this tag.not sure why) seems the bear issue is something to not ignore. Terrian seems to be a tough cookie to break through, not that steep of mountians though, and the numbers are pretty high. So dodge the bears, be ready for some serious weather, if you get a fort around your cache of meat, return prepared to fight for it the next day, and have fun...let me know..but sounds like one heck of a hunt. If anyone else has the same tag and wants to do this together..let me know, Sounds like two or three guys would have a better chance than one..Once the herd is located..seems like a done

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