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    Well now that everyone seems to be happy with thier tags. Well the ones that drew do you guys plan on upgrading some of your equipement?? I plan on getting a 6x6 ranger this year for sure. I need to sell my two wheelers, and keep my other ranger which is std 4x4. I know the area will be going into this year and 6x6 will payoff big time. I thought about an argo but that is hard pill to swallow for what they want for one. Last year we had my ranger loaded down so bad I looked like Jeb Clampit rolling down the trail and I had about 6 inches of clearance on my rear end as well... Also instead of just 45 gallons of fuel we need to bring in 90 gallons this time...

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    You better get some larger more agressive tires for both Rangers and Gorilla axles to get in there!

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      I got the november unit 20 muzzloader tag. Thinking I might need an arctic oven tent. I have a cabelas bighorn tent with a stove but that might not be enough


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        Were building a much larger boat, now that we have all the materials.......... as well as sewing a new white canvas cover for our little TePee, maby peel poles for another, maby a liner in it as well....
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          I need a bigger gun.


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            Going airborne!

            I'm getting a plane!
            At least I hope so. Don't know why yet, just think I need it. Got a 20A special hunt, so maybe need that bush plane on 30" balloons, or, heading back to the Yukon, so floats are in order. Not sure yet, only know I need one, not want one.


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              I would like to upgrade the spotter but that will likely be pushed to the back burner. This year is going to have to be more about the wife and kids. Boy is going to get a 6.8SPC AR for his first gun, osprey pack, and good boots. Wife is going to get a wiggys bag and a full set or two of new hunting clothes. I am also going to be shipping her rifle out to get it teflon coated and put a new Zeiss conquest 3-9x40 scope on it. I am adding a Sat phone to the inventory this year as well as a bear fence or two as well. Kind of kicking around ordering a new Kifaru ultralight pack for the wife as well.... $$$$$$...... gonna be a big money year for sure.... Lots of new stuff plus air fare to the brooks for me and then Afognak for both the wife and I...


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