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    Last fall I posted a thread regarding my graduate research thesis "FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE REMOTE ALASKAN ADVENTURERCHOICE IN EMERGENCY SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS" requesting forum member participation in an online survey on personal satellite communications use while remotely afield in Alaska . I finally received my diploma this week, its official, so I can release my paper/results to whomever would like a copy - its 124 pages in all (but only about 60 or so pages of "reading"). can't be posted to the forum, so below is an excerpt from the conclusion/executive summary. Thanks again to all who responded to the survey, you made this possible. If you would like a copy of the full paper, please PM me with an email address.



    "First, remote Alaska adventurers are carrying satellite communications devices with them into the field. Second, those choosing to carry these devices are in the majority. Three, emergency use is the driving factor on why these individuals carry the device. Four, performance is the dominant factor influencing selection of satellite communications device; however cost and need are important considerations. Five, the Iridium satellite phone is the preferred satellite communications device for remote Alaskan adventurers both in actual practice and in a hypothetical scenario. Six, the SPOT GPS messenger is the preferred non-phone option. Seven, remote Alaska adventurers, on average, know less than they think on how these devices work especially in regards to the supporting space systems. Eight, being married or having at-home children/dependents appears to offer some mitigating effect against this lack of understanding further research is needed to understand. Nine, for most remote Alaska adventurers, carrying a satellite communications device does not encourage individuals to behave differently or assume more risk; this is positive news for the search and rescue community. Ten, satellite communications device selection does not seem to be affected by demographics or pursued activity; it appears to be personal preference which is as varied as the people and pursuits surveyed for this research."

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