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  • Marc Taylor

    They're Valdez "Ursus Americans".

    Oh, and I missed one myself this year. A NICE one. I guess it's not automatic.


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  • AKmud
    started a topic Valdez blacks

    Valdez blacks

    Just got back from a great hunt out of Valdez (still sunburnt!). Saw 15 bears in 3 days, didn't bag one though. Had some relatives up from down south and got them on four bears. Passed on one, underestimated the distance on two (sometimes 400 yds looks like 200, especially when the rangefinder is left in the boat!). Not sure what happened on the 4th....thought we had a good shot but never found any blood, hair or anything! I don't think my buddy compensated for my rifle being 3" high at 100yds. I'm guessing he shot right over the top since the bear was only 74 yds out.

    Had some terrible water coming back in on Sunday. 4-5' seas and wind around 30-40mph still sunny though. Not a lot of fun in a 17' open skiff! I think next time the relatives come up we will spend a few more hours at the range prior to the hunt! I guess white tails are easier to hit than a big 'ol blackie.

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