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  • Caribou hunt


    I would like to put a hunt together if possible for caribou for my guys in wheelchairs. I need some local advice on accessibility etc as sometimes even deer hunts can be difficult.

    I do realize that this will be a very challenging endeavor but most of these guys are up to it .

    Can any of you think of any potential options, some of them could manage a fly-in camp (would take 1 volunteer/hunter per wheelchair hunter) but as you might imagine unless the bou were close to camp this would be tough on all parties.

    Over the years my first thoughts have been the haul road mainly because of accessibility and the ability to make it a VERY LONG day trip so these guys could possibly stay in a hotel.

    Please remember that a downed animal does not in itself make a hunt successful, this past season was the first year one of the guys shot a moose after 4 years of trying. These hunts are most likely the only time any of these folks will ever see Alaska, so again success is measured accordingly.



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    I applaude what you are trying to do and doing for them. I personnally can't think of an area that might fit the bill. Some suggestions would be the Haul Rd. if they are archery hunters. There are some places with the WAH where finding a river crossing area would allow a chance to be successful and along the rivers would allow easier wheel chair movement. Let me know if I can be of assistance.


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      Caribou hunt

      This could be a tough hunt to put together. Maybe you could do a registration hunt off the Taylor Highway. If you could get volunteers with atv's and meat trailers they could possibly pull the hunters up towards Chicken Ridge and let them hunt off the trail. I can't really see how you cold do it any other way as pushing wheelchairs across the tundra would be just about impossible without tundra tires. How about doing a bear hunt over baits next year, that would be more feasible than a caribou hunt.


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        Hey Doug


        I can't help with caribou hunt, but want to offer any help in other ways. I've lived in the remote bush for the past 25 years. Recently spoke with a gent at Access Alaska about helping show disabled outdoors-oriented folks "life in the bush." We have fair grayling fishing here, quiet, solitude, a place to land a plane like a Helio (out of Fairbanks). I can get people out on the river in the jonboat when conditions allow, do some fishing.

        If my wife and I could in any way help, feel free to drop me a line. I mention this in the non-hunting context because I've found the experience of just visiting the bush can really be beneficial. Just seeing the river, doing some fishing, sitting along the bank and hearing nothing but birdsong and moving water...all of that. Haven't yet made ramps to get from river up the bank here...but it's something I've been thinking of inre: the Access Alaska group and helping them.

        Best, Mark
        Mark Richards


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          Caribou hunt

          Thank guys,

          Bill S, Thank you but I do this because as far as I am concerned these guys deserve it, when I go to Walter Reed or Bethesda on my DC trips and see these guys and gals that have lost limbs and even paralyzed it motivates me to do even more as they deserve it.

          As I said before I have been thinking about this for a long time realizing it would be a tough one to orchestrate. I am sure it could be done with maybe 2 guys with a fly in hunt and hope bou's come in range but my concerns with that route become cost etc. Most of these guys do not have the funds to do something like this, they pay for most and I try to arrange to help with grants etc through things like the auctions, raffles etc.

          I think a bear hunt would probably be the best route to take as an option although this might be difficult as well and yes as mentioned above it would take local manpower to help to make it all things considered successful.

          I had considered a boat based hunt prior to my bear hunt a few weeks ago, but after taking the trip I have for now ruled this out. The boats I have seen are not quite up to what would be needed, although I know a few guys that could make it and I may make this attempt next Spring to see how it goes.

          These guys and gals are no different from the rest of us about hunting and fishing, Alaska is a dream for them and myself and others are working to help make that happen however possible.

          Thanks everybody,



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            One of the guide's I use to work for guided a disabled man who was wheelchair bound......Can't remember what he hunted, but they (I think there was 2 or 3 helper's on the hunt) hauled him around on a makshift litter (travois?). He got his animal too!

            A litter might be easier on the guy's doing the pulling if there where some wheel's on it! You could build one out of alumnimum tubing or some other lightweight material........Could be used in conjunction with a river boat.



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              I have been on a few hunts that were very similiar as it relates to being creative to make it happen, always fun, always work.

              Not yet announced (Early July in Soldotna) but we are going to be doing a good number of things throughout the state for the disabled community over the next few years thanks to a VERY substantial grant we just received for use in Alaska. We will be starting on the peninsula and going all the way to Fairbanks and hopefully other areas in the next few years.

              Ideas are all we have at this point as I found out quite recently



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                I agree with the taylor highway. after the fires from the last couple of years, thanks to the firefighters and bulldozers you can drive a truck in quite aways.

                I also think its great what your doing. I'll be willing to use some vacation time to give a hand if you need it. have truck, atv's and meat wagons, will travel.



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