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My first black bear

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  • My first black bear

    I finally got my bear, I’ll send you the pics as soon as my buddy gets them downloaded to his computer. She was a monster, I am talking 15ft tall, probably weighed 500lbs, paws the size of Volkswagen bugs, her teeth were super razor sharp that looked like they could cut through steel. Here’s how it happened. It was about 2145 and my butt was starting to fall asleep from sitting in my tree stand, I was covered in the Alaska state bird which for those of you do not know is the Mosquito. Just as I was about to get out of my stand to stretch out, I saw her. Her eyes were bloodshot, she was foaming at the mouth, she growled a great growl then she charged at me. With piss running down my leg I grabbed my buck knife that had a 5” blade and I waited for her to get close enough, when she was in close I jumped on her back and started to wrestle with her. She was a feisty SOB. Her breath smelled of human flesh which made me wonder if she had got a hold of my buddies who were near by. We fought for about 30 min, first I would pin her and just as I was about to cut her throat she would swipe at my face, which when she did I pooed all over myself. I finally wore her out and cut her throat and just like the Indians did in that movie “Dances with Wolves” I cut the heart out of her chest and ate it while it was still beating. Then I gutted her and found both of my buddies. So if any of you want, I have 2 new four wheelers that I will sell for a discounted price. True story

    Ok for real, I shot her out of Jims Creek Sunday night. She squared out at 5'3", a little small but it was my first one. Still trying to figure out how to update pics.

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    I Believe It

    You are making it sound like hunting with you this weekend is going to be REAL fun. I better bring my good knife.


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