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  • Bounty on bears

    We keep hearing about how the wolves and bears are killing so many moose. What is everyones opinion about placing a bounty on black bears and brown bears in ceartain areas? Do you think this would effectivly assist with the culling of them to assist with increasing the moose population? We already have a very liberal season on bears yet the moose population continues to struggle in many areas. Could a mass controlled cull and bounty program be effective? Opinions please! Viktor

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    I am not an alaskan resident but my opinion on a bear culling season/bounty would bring a lot of unwanted anti-hunting pressure to the great state of alaska. As if we didn't all already have enoughe problems with those ferries to begin with. Check out what happened to New Jersey and there black bear season.


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      The hard part of bounty on bears in certain areas is on how its gonna be regulated. the only way possible is to have checkpoints. Fins and feathers is seriously understaffed and under financed right now.

      My wife is a taxidermist and she has this problem when a few areas for rams were any ram. everybody who shot a sub legal ram was in the any ram area.

      same is gonna go for bears, everybody is gonna shoot there bear in the desiginated areas, or so they say. Supposedly you can sell griz hides out of 20E starting Juyl 1st. I will guerentee every body will have shot a griz in 20E by oct, easy way to make a buck on a small bear. Fins and feathers have no idea as of right now on how regulate it.

      I'm all for thinning the numbers but no one knows how to regulate it. If somebody has an idea, suggest it to fish and game. Or post it here and if its decent, I'll suggest it for you in your name (so you can get the credit).


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        I'd love to help out with the bear problem up there, trouble is, I'm a non-resident without a relative in the state. I don't have $10,000 to hunt grizz with a guide. I'd be happy to do an unguided drop camp and pay full non-resident price for the license - you sure wouldn't have to pay me a bounty, I'd even pay the state a trophy fee.

        Wishful thinking on my part. Listening to this is like telling a starving man you've got a problem getting rid of all your food.


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          Bear bounties

          As a former AK resident I still get upset about not being able to hunt grizz and the other species in the mandatory guide category sheep, goats etc with my friends in Alaska anymore. I quit making camp cook trips to Alaska just to watch my buddies harvest these animals, I spend my time in moose camp with them now so I can hunt with them.

          I understand why this is necessary for the non-resident hunter that may only make one trip to Alaska in his lifetime, for the most part they have NO IDEA what they are getting into until they hit the bush. I was a resident for roughly 5 years and since I left I spend close to 3 months most every year in the state, 2007 looks to be even longer.

          Perhaps making some changes to the advantage for former residents.

          Just a thought



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            Former residents

            Though it would be a nice thought, making exceptions for former residents will never happen. Just think what would happen if it did, people would move here long enough to claim residency then move back to the lower 48 and still have the benefits of hunting Alaska as a resident, bad idea. I know there was a discussion on the subject of nonresidenst hunting grizz/brownies a week or so ago.


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              I have to agree with Blink. Putting a bounty on bears will open up more abuse. I think its sufficient that the state will allow hides to be sold in those areas designated as special harvest areas for the bears. That's a big departure from previous rules. People can now make a profit off killing a bear in those areas so a bounty isn't needed. I wonder if it will impact the price the state gets at the annual fur and horn auction.


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                Bear bounty

                I know it will never happen, wishful thinking on my part

                Everyone needs a dream



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                  Why a bounty?

                  Why would a bounty be needed? And why allow selling of bear parts? It just equates to a bounty.

                  The State has many more tools they can use if bear populations need to be reduced in certain areas without resorting to bounties. To start with, they can make seasons longer, liberalize bag limits (ie allow a brown bear every year), with black bears they could allow the shooting of sows and cubs if they are really over-running a unit. There's no age or sex limit on wolves for hunting or trapping that I know of, so why should there be for bears if the population is out of whack. Allow non residents to hunt bears without a guide. There is no reason to resort to bounties and ariel shooting when other tools are available. If hunters want less predators and more moose, let hunters take responsibility and get out there and hunt bears. If there are so many of them, getting one shouldn't be that hard. Make a rule where you have to kill a bear to get a moose tag for that unit. First come, first served, Maybe make the first 50 bears taken be good for an any bull tag, the next 50 good for a spike fork or 50" tag, and the next 50 for a cow tag. There are places where you have to kill a doe before you can get a buck tag, so a similar rule for getting a moose tag isn't that farfetched. To cut down on cheating, make the hunter take pix of the kill site and give GPS co-ordinates and report to the local ADF&G office immediately so kills can be checked out. Anyone crying that there are too many bears should be happy to do their part.
                  An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
                  - Jef Mallett


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