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Caribou on the Haul Road

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  • Caribou on the Haul Road

    Last year we were on the Haul Road around September 24. At the time I thought we may have been a week or so early. What is everyones best guess at to the ideal time to be up there? Brother an I have decided to do it again this year. We are rifle hunters so we are looking at the 5 mile hike. Eric

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    Maybe others will have a different perspective, but it doesn't seem to me like there is an "ideal" time. I was up there Aug. 14-20 last year and there were plenty of caribou. From what I heard, the week prior to our arrival was dead, whereas the week before that was amazingly good. Caribou are constantly moving, and while the Haul Road 'bou tend to move south along the corridor as fall approaches, there seems to be little rhyme or reason as to when they'll be near the road.

    Anyone else have more accurate observations?



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      +1 on BMs' comments

      Its hit or miss. I have been up there sometimes twice in one fall and missed the big numbers both times. Sometimes you see them everywhere for 3-4 days and then nothing. They move around so much its hard to ever say. I have noticed that there movements have changed a lot over the years and I dont know this to be true but I believe roadside pressure has a lot to do with it. I have seen heards that linger 400-500 yards off the road and watch the traffic but make no movement towards the road they seem to stay more and more to the east side of the corridor. There wasn't near as many hunters up there 10 years ago as there is now when the road wasn't good like it is now and the Caribou could be had in places you rarely see them now. I know some truckers that run the haul road so I usually contact them before I go up, they run the road 2-3 times a week so they usually have a good handle on herd locations and movements.


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