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Small game in and around 20A/20B (need some opinions)

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  • Small game in and around 20A/20B (need some opinions)

    Yes I know its bear season...and yes I know most people on here are all about bear season. however myself and a few friends are building our funds to do a fly out bear hunt, so our main focus right now are the little things. what we are trying to figure out is where are some good spots for rabbit, grouse or as you call them Ptarmagan, fox, and other small game in and around the fairbanks area. thanks for any input. we tried farmers loop area and were nearly skunked (saw 1 rabbit and one calf moose)... thanks for any help.


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    For right now?

    I hope you arent hunting small game right now. The bunnies arent any good to eat, grouse and Ptarmigan are out of season and so is fox.But if thats how you roll.......


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      small game


      For reference

      Out past Eielson a few miles not far from Knotty pine shop you will find Johnson Rd on the left near Salcha. The road will take you behind Eielson, during the season I used to find plenty of grouse and a fair amount of rabbits. I was back there last about 7 years ago and shot a good number of grouse.

      Right now I would get into some of the good fishing around there.

      Good luck



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        we are not hunting for ptarmagan or fox and such... mainly scoping areas out to see which would be best. went back to do some target practice and sight in a new .22 and saw yet another cow on farmers loop. as for rabbits if im not mistaken they are in season year round with a no bag limit. mainly we are going for them for the pelts, as my wife wants to make a blanket for our kid out of rabbit fur (shes a bit crazy). and I wouldnt mind getting one stuffed as well as a porcupine (however I have yet to find out in alaska..just a few other odd creatures like woodchucks and such)

        I will have to scope that out and see how the hares are in that spot out side of eilson. also whats the deal with the rabbits up here that makes them no good?


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          as for fishing around ft wainwright and eilson all that is out here mainly is grayling... I have yet to hook a burbot or pike up these neck of the woods.. Im waiting for salmon season so i can go down to the copper and try for my 1st alaskan salmon (last year I got skunked up in fairbanks..)


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            Any rabbit hunting this time of year is just plain nonsense.There pelts arent good for blankets right now,,,im sure there shedding.Hello.Hit it in the fall,,around October.


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              Around Fairbanks

              I have caught salmon in the river out at Chena lakes before in the past and in the winter we would ice fish and catch burbot in the lakes across the highway from Eielson. Do the MWR"S of Eielson and Wainwright still rent boats? If they do Paxson and Summit lakes are good day trip or 2 options for Lake trout, shefish and you could even go to minto for the pike.

              Good luck,



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                I would imagine there are some good areas right on post at Wainwright. Anyone try any of the training areas?


                I plan on scouting it out a bit when I get up there. Unless of course you guys allready have and its crap.



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                  Fairbanks area

                  I have always heard that Eielson was a better area and had more land to explore, I can't confirm that.

                  Unless the Eielson area has changed it should be pretty good hunting. A shop chief down the hall from me back in 84 shot a 70in bull back in there. John began scouting for moose months in advance and spent countless hours back in there so he earned his trophy.



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                    wainwright is ok (im stationed there) but I have seen more moose out towards eilson. However yesterday I witnessed 2 cows in 4hrs out on farmers loop along the powerlines about 400yrds into the woods.


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                      Salcha resident

                      Hunting on base or post. If you hunt Eielson AFB it is bow only, and shotgunning with shot. A lot of Eielson is a no hunt at all. Wainwright Army Post which is a crazy amount of territory, is whatever you want within state regs. I hunted Eielson and Farmers loop road extensively last year. My son learned to shoot birds on the fly there last year. I wish I had the pics of the first outing we had. (I am deployed and they are on my home computer.) I thought that I would never get that smile off his face. 9 grouse, 5 hares in full whites, and a hand full or squirrels. We averaged 5-10 birds in a couple hour outing, among squirrels and rabbits. It is a good spot. Farmers loop is also good but with all the no hunting signs and houses propping up it will soon be a non hunt area for grouse by the road. If you ask, almost all Farmers will let you hunt on farmers loop road. I live on the South end of Farmers loop. As for Johnson Rd that was mentioned before it is as good as it gets. I missed it this year, but a good spot. Any dirt road in that area is a good area. Just find some brushy patches and usually you can kick some out.
                      As for pike on base, my boy pulled a nice 31" 9 1/2 lb off of base. (his first Alaska fish by the way) Again the smile was uncontrollable. I will say that my wife being the lover of the outdoors as am I, is taking the boy to his pike pond on opening day. He keeps saying the pike are waiting for him. 2 more days and I will let you know how his Pike adventure turned out.
                      I hope this helps you out. If you have more questions feel free to contact me directly.
                      P.S. I seen 9 bulls in the impact area of Wainwright in mid December. The smallest was at least 50 inches. You did not need binos at all to see the horns from 2 K away. The sunlight was shining off the polished antlers. Beautiful sight. Too bad you can not hunt the impact area.


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