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    Ok this is what i have, i will be home in mid july for RR Leave i would like to shoot a bear while im home does anyone have or now of a good place that i might be able to go and find a bear. keep in mind i will only have a few days (my Wife) she will want me to spend most of my time at home. if you are able to help i would apperciate it. thank you

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    What type of bear - Grizzly or black? Also, are you hoping to do a road-based hunt, are you willing to hike, etc?



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      bear hunting in July

      In general not recommended...consider fishing.


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        Bear hunt in July?

        You'll be hard pressed to find any kind of a decent pelt in July. If you really want to kill something your better off using your 7wt. than your 7mm. Go fish.


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          You can get some good black bear hides in July, if you hunt the fringes of the ice fields on either side of the Kenai Penn. Good places to go are Skilak and Tustemeana Glaciers, Lost Lake out of Seward and Kings Bay in PWS. Go high, stay along the ice and the hides will be fine, especially this year, given the late spring.
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            thank you for all of your input i dont mind walking so we will see what heppens my wife said that she would go for a few days so i hope we have some luck. would like for her to have a good time maybe i would gain a hunting partner. i guess we will find out
            thank you
            still open to sugestions


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