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    i was thinking of taking a trip down the denali Highway this week end and was wondering if I should take my bow in case I see any bears. Any chance or will it be too crowed on a holiday weekend, or they wouldn't be near the road (say within a mile)?

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    I have traveled the Denali many times and have yet to see a black bear. However i have often seen grizzly bears withing glassing distance of the highway. If your looking for a brown bear then you probably will see one. On a possitive note glssing on the way up to the Denali near cantwell or Paxson might show a black bear in the mountains!


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      So, the road is clear, right? What about the trails...are they ridable yet, or is there still a significant amount of snow off the highway?



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        The road is in good shape (maybe I should say no snow!). The snow is leaving fast. Everything south of the Nenana is pretty much snow free. I'll be heading out that way Wednesday for a few days of griz hunting. The Nenana is running a little high as you would expect. Lot of griz seen this spring so far.
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          I went down Sat. and came back Sun afternoon. There were lots of people, not caribou crowded but most of the pull outs within 40 miles of Cantwell had people. I found one witha good view and just glassed that until I left. Seen a dozen caribou, a fox, and ac ouple of moose but no bear. It still was fun and I needed the pratice glassing for my (hopefully) Fall 07 Peninsula hunt. Road were snow free but by late afternoon most of the trail were pretty muddy. Not a problem if you have an ATV. In the morning the trails were frozen enough to just drive on with no problem.

          Good Luck.


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