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  • Dumpster Browny in Sterling

    Tonight a Brown Bear was darted by the Fish and Game near Suzies cafe in Sterling. It has been finding food in peoples Garbage and was unafraid of people. My campground hosts went down for dinner tonight and watched the bear get darted. I did not find out if the fish and game found it before it took its prescription nap, so it may still be on the loose.. A dog was reported Killed yesterday by a brown bear in the area also.. who knows if it was the same bear?
    This situation is all too common, and usually can be avoided by making sure Dog food is not left out, bird feeders are pulled, and Garbage is not left available. If the bear can't find food, he will press on.... Usually these bears are young ones that are just booted from Mom and are trying to find their way. Competition for good areas where they won't get beat up by bigger bears is a problem for them and the opportunist in them and of course hunger for anything easy is when they run into trouble..
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    A friend of mine from Sterling called me yesterday as he was watching this same bear. He has sent me many photos over the years of the bears going through his yard and hanging around his cabins.



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      Another "Young and Dumb" bear!
      Repeat after me: Placement. Bullet. Caliber.


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        yep all over

        also a black bear has been a prob down on mid way by the post office. last year my mom had 5 browns in the yard on the same night... every year the same just have to be smart this time of year...
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