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Bear Restrictions?

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  • Bear Restrictions?

    Maybe someone here can answer my question?

    What's the regs. as far as shooting a grizzly in a 1-Griz/year location, and then shooting another grizz in a different location?
    For example, 1 in the interior of spring 06', then 1 in the Kodiak area Spring 07'?

    Or about that 1 bear/4years, same scenario, I just don't completely understand how that works if they locations are different?
    Thanks, Good Huntin!!!

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, as I don't have the regs right in front of me, but... I think the way it works is that if you shoot a bear in a 1 every 4 years area, then you are only restricted from hunting in another area with the same restrictions during those four years. If you take one in a 1/year area you are fine to hunt in any other area the following year.

    Is this right? Someone with a little more experience should chime in here.



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      Bear regs

      If you shoot a Grizzly/Brown bear in a 1 every 4 area this year then you can only hunt griz/browns in a 1 every 1 next year. If you kill one in a 1 every 1 this year, then you can hunt in a 1 every 4 next year or a 1 every 1 again next year. That was the way it was explained to me by both F&G and AST a couple years ago. My one buddy had a killed a griz in 26B prior to the draw and when it was a 1 every 4 area and he could not hunt the Peninsula till 4 springs later, however 26 changed the regs last year and reopened for residents in the spring without draw and was made a 1 every 1 area which allowed him to hunt this spring on the Pen. Hopefully that did not confuse you.


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        Alrighty, thanks guys...
        I'll be search to do some type of research on this just to be sure, thanks again.


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          Bear limits.

          Check page 25 of the 2005-06 regulation book. The regulatory year runs 1 Jul to 30 Jun, which is why you can take a spring bear and then a fall bear but can't take a fall bear and then a spring bear in the same 12 month period.


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            I am the only one who gets a nose bleed reading hunting and fishing regs! Here in Minnesota I think they have a competition to see how hard they can be to desypher...... I never go out on a lake without the regs with me.... Fortunately since we don't have catch and release for whitetail I don't worry about that to much....
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            I'm 51..... thats 12 in man years.....


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