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Bear bullet for .416

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  • Bear bullet for .416

    This is the first of a lot of questions as I talk myself into going on a Peninsula bear hunt in fall 2007. I've been here 13 years and it's abou ttime I do some of the stuff that made me decide to maove here in the first place.

    Anyway, I have a .416 rem that I bought 6 years ago. When I got it I had 25 rounds hand loaded by a licensed armorer. He used Barnes X 350gr. which according to the notes on the box produces 2650 fps. I'm assuming from what I've read that this is plenty for browns but I've heard 400gr would work better. Any thoughts.

    Another question, is there permium 416 ammo out there now? I know I couldn't find any back then. Thanks

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    I've had great success with 370gr North Forks in my 416 Taylor.


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      I'd have to agree that for bears, and other soft skinned game, a 416 is at it's best with a well constructed fast moving sub 400 gr bullet. I would be highly suprised at a bear that could keep a 350 gr X inside of it, and the higher impact velocity will cause it to really open up and cause a massive wound.
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        I was talking to Phil Shoemaker about using my .416 Rem and he recomended that I use bullet lighter than the 350gr TSX. I think barnes use to make a 325 X bullet that Phill prefered.
        Don't worry about the TSX it will open up at these speeds (2400-2800fps), but will retain 98% of it's weight. I thik it's the best bullet made for any size game.
        All this matching the bullet to the Game is Horse ****, with modern guns and ammunition just worry about puting what ever bullet you are shooting in the chest and keep shooting untill he is down. you'll be OK.

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