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  • Brown Bear results from Last Year


    Here is my brownie from my hunt last year, He measured well over ten feet and the guide guessed his age at over 25 years old. I never expected to kill something this nice but I will take it none the less.

    Day one we were dropped off the boat outside of Perryville AK and we packed all our supplies up the side of the hill to a small wood shed that we called home, it was not much but it sure beats a tent with all the rain/wind we had. When we hit the beach I immediately noticed some large bear track that looked to be very fresh, already I knew we were in the land of the big bears.

    The hunt started each morning as we climbed to the top of the hillside to glass for bear, day one we saw one bear that was almost a full run and so far ahead of us we would never have been able to catch him. Day two we saw a few moose playing in the distance but no bears. Day three I was sleeping when my guide busted in and said he saw something walking up the beach. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my gun and sprinted up the hillside. Just as I crested the hill he was dead even with us about 80 yards away. I sat in a prone position and the shot was obscured by some tall weeds, I whispered to the guide "when he gets past the weeds I am gonna take him" as soon as I got my last word out, the bear spun around and started running back the way he came. I pivoted to the right and began firing, first shot missed, second shot missed, each shot I noticed sand flying above him, so the third shot I aimed lower and just before the bear was about to go behind the hill side my third shot from y 375 RUM flattened him out. I reloaded and put three more rounds right in his vital area. From there we would loose sight of the bear as we climbed down the hill. Once at the bottom we noticed he had went about 50 yards inching his way towards the water. I went up to about 75 yards and put another shot in him. From there we played the waiting game until his chest stopped moving, finally two hours later I was able to put my hands on this awesome bruin. After a ridiculous amount of pictures I dressed the bear down the back and we radioed for the boat to come get us outta there. The bear now stands in my office, and I have just sold the bear to Cabelas where it will be displayed in the new store being built this year in St. Louis, MO. It was a hard decision to sell, but this will allow so many people to enjoy him and a piece of me will live on for some time to come. I am now going to try my luck at interior grizzlies this September, hopefully I will have another happy ending......
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    Very interesting read. The part I am curious to is how did Cabelas come into the picture? Did you approach them? I have been in a few of their stores and they do indeed have some georgeous mounts and displays. One has a full body mount of a polar bear.

    The big question is what kinda coin does Cabelas pony up for something such as a full body mount? You may not care to disclose that, and I fully understand if you opt not to.

    Also fitting you have a Cabelas ballcap on in the pic. Nice bear and story. I bet you struggled hard on weather to sell or not. Suffice it to say you will be recieving the Cabelas hardcover catalog twice yearly.


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      90% of my hunts are booked through Cabelas and I have yet to come home empty handed on any of my hunts booked through them (Brown Bear, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Whitetail). Although nothing is a given, if you are physically capable they will put you on the game. Selling the mounts will not make you rich, but it more then covered the cost of the mount with a few K left over to schedule my next hunt. I have a great taxidermist who does not charge a great amount so that helped in me making a bit.


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        Good location
        Great Bear
        If you contact ADFG, they will give you the age of the bear. I am thinking you will probably find your hunt for interior grizzly a mite more challenging.
        At the risk of hijacking the thread, I would point out that if an Alaskan tried that up here, he would not be hunting the following year, at least if the bear was taken from that location. Illegal
        Yet another excellent example of what is legal or ethical in different locations
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          Who was your guide, i was down just south of perryville where you shot your bear, had a bow hunter and we passed up on a ten and half footer, to far to shoot, hard to watch a bear like that walk away at 80 yards....

          suffice to say you may be recieving a phone call...its illegal to sell bears shot in alaska, you can donate them, but not sell them.

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            This is what the regs say:


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              Game Laws

              Nothing has been sold yet, and you can bet I am gonna get ot the bottom of this one. Thanks for pointing it out.



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                Griz hunt

                My Griz hunt this year is in an every year griz area, I have to wait four years on the penninsula hunt to do it again (not that I could ever afford it again...)


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                  it'd be a good thing to check it out BEFORE you sold it...i know i've talked with fish and game before to see if it was legal to take it outa state and then sell it, but they frowned on
                  good luck on your grizz hunt, what outfitt are you going with for your grizzly?
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                    Really nice bear!!!
                    If I would ever be so fortunate. I am not sure I could bring myself to get rid of something that i worked so hard for. But each of us is different and respect means different things to different folks.



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                      I think he frowned because that is all he can do, the regulations are state laws, if someone lives in another state, how can they be held to another states laws. obviously a resident would be in big trouble if he broke an Alaska law, but I know of not one law converning the barter and sale of bear hides and the like in MIssouri. I am sure this will open a can of worms, but let's talk about it and get all the facts out there.

                      I am hunting with Lake Clark Air, they have a great reputation through Cabelas and all hunters I talked to had tagged out within the first two days.


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                        I hear ya, this did represent alot of hard work, but that is why I chose to display, it is stingy to not let others see this awesome bear, and my other option would be to let them all come over to my house, then I would be posting on here for a new place to live.....



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