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    I'm sure there are many, or have been many post like this... so my apologies in advance. A group of us from Michigan have been hunting the Bighorn Mountains in WY for the past 4 years on our own self-guided hunts. We are thinking of planning a hunt in Alaska in 08'. Is it possible to get to some remote areas without the expense of a bush plane? We are interested in Black Bear, Caribou, or Moose. Is there one species in particular that is easier to plan a self-guided hunt? I use the web to research our hunts, any good resources out there that are specific to Alaska? A trophy would be nice, but in all reality, we just want to experience an Alaskan Hunt. Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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    IMO, the hardest of the 3 is moose. alot of folks dont really realize the work and the terrain involved with moose hunting via foot. its doable but I hope you got a strong back.

    caribou, there are only a few places to shoot bou without using a bushplane. one is along the haul road, follow the regs closely, within a certain corridor is bow only, etc. the other is up on the taylor, alittle more difficult unless you have an ATV, its doable but more difficult.

    as for black bear, options are wide open. just get a rental car drive around and when you see a nice valley go up. be sure and check the regs but your usually pretty safe with blackies. Grant it your gonna have to spend a few days at the least to get some good blackies but its probably the most doable for an econimical hunt up here.

    be smart and research. you might just be surprised at some of the deals you can find to hunt up here.


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      The problem is the remote location without using a bush plane. If you can get to it with a truck or four wheeler, the chances of having to share the area is high. Of course flying out doesn't guarantee being alone either. You can do a boat based black bear hunt, either using a boat as base camp or getting dropped off somewhere. It would probably be the easiest to do with out flying out. Black bears up here are not as large as the ones down south because of so much time spent in hibernation. Caribou is a great trip to experience Alaska hunting and the best way is to fly out and easy to plan. The Haul Rd. is an option if you can find a rental company that will let you take a rental truck up there. Some will not. You'll have to walk in five miles from the road to use a rifle, other wise archery only with certification. Good luck!


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        now days with the cost of fuel, alot of folks are attempting to do their hunting without the airplane, anywhere you can walk in for moose or caribou will probably have a fourwheeler for so near by. black bear is not AS sought after by the locals, there you'll have some solidtude.
        the kenai mts. behind cooper lake and upper russian lake have good bears in them. one friend of mine in early oct glassed the highway by cooper landing for three days and saw 52 black bears, him and his boy each shot one. mid to late sept is a great time for blackies as some of the leaves will be off the trees but the berries will still be out. some good hiking trails on the kenai peninsula to get back into some country, even a few forest service cabins you could rent to really get into it and be comfy.
        Boat based hunts are popular as well, due to the versitility, but that'll cost more than your air plane ride....
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