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Haul Rd Hunters VS Truckers!

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  • Haul Rd Hunters VS Truckers!

    I see by reading posts that people are getting excited about hunting the Haul Rd for Caribou here in a couple months, which is great! I love it up there and go every year without fail! I would say though based on my experiences up there, I would advise first time and experienced hunters to proceed with Caution!!! Let me explain.........
    4 years ago I witnessed a Trucker stop off at a pull over spot about 15 miles north of Galbreath Lake, answer natures call, look around as if to see if anyone was around, then proceed to throw a softball sized rock through the front wind shield of a bow hunters truck that was also parked there. Why? I have no idea.....The Hunters truck was cleary not in the way!!! There was plenty of room for other trucks if need be. Obviously he didn't see me watching him as I awaited to ambush caribou with my bow not a half mile away.
    Upon talking with alot of hunters over the years, it is clear that this wasn't an isolated incident. There have been many cases where Truckers have vandalized, and acted aggressively towards hunters up the Haul Rd. Some Truckers are still in the frame of mind that the "Haul Road is theirs!!!
    I personaly have had no problems what so ever, and have attributed it to the following:
    1. Respect the rights of way of traffic on the road! I Dont lolly gag while driving the Haul Rd looking for Caribou! Remember the truckers are going 60 mph and sometimes faster....... so if they come over a hill and have to slam on the breaks because a hunter is parked in the middle of the road watching caribou, he is obviously going to be mad! Wouldn't you be? Besides its unsafe!!!
    2. While I am camping or hunting I always attempt to get my vehicle as far as legally possible from the active roadway, and dont block the pipline access roads! This shouldn't be an issue as there are plenty of spots to camp and park where you are out of the way.
    3. Be courteous to everyone! Truckers, Travelers, and Fellow Hunters alike!
    Pack it in! Pack it out!
    *These are just some tips on what we can do as hunters to help ease the tention! We all have a right to be up there whether it be on business or pleasure. The Truckers aren't going away, and there are more and more hunters up there every year, so we all just need to learn to get along!!!
    Thoughts? Experiences? Welcome to share them!!! thanks................
    Be safe, and enjoy your time outdoors!
    Mountain Man

    "I'm not here for a long time! I'm here for a good time!!!!!!!!!!!"

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    I totally agree with being courteous to everyone that travels that road and try and lend a helping hand when the need arises. This is a good time to let everyone know of the hazards and obstacles of hunting the Haul rd so they can prepare for the unexpected. As most of us know, there is some beautiful country and some great hunting to be had in the Borrks Range. With that being said, regardless if someone is parked in the road or not, nobody has a right to vandalize anybody's vehicle. What if someone would have been sleeping in the front seat? Hopefully you reported this to the troopers.


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      Reported 4 days later!

      Thanks for the positive reply! Couldnt agree more! I did report it but not until 4 days later. That was to the first Trooper I saw that trip. I was too far from the road to get a good look at the trucker and his rig, or I'm sure they would have been able to catch him should I have been able to provide better info!
      I sure felt sorry for the fella it happened to though, he had to tape up the window for the drive back south, and left early as he said that event had ruined his mood and his hunt. I just hate to see crap like that happen when I am up there attempting to enjoy my self in such a beautiful place where I go to get away from that kind of stuff.
      With my Irish temper, I hate to even wonder what would have happened to that poor trucker should I have caught him doing that to my vehicle for no reason! I have always referred to it as "Frontier Justice"? Ha Ha Ha.......and what a better place to be to hold those type of court prodeedings! Ha Ha Ha
      anyway, hope everyone can get together and make it work! Wish everyone a safe and enjoyable hunt this year!!! Good Luck and I will see you on the Slope!
      Be safe, and enjoy your time outdoors!
      Mountain Man

      "I'm not here for a long time! I'm here for a good time!!!!!!!!!!!"


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        AkBubba are you still there?

        On a positive note, at one point last year ago one of our forum members, AkBubba, offered to distribute the training video Alyeska uses. See:

        A great offer! If AkBubba is still out there or if you are one of the ones who received a copy sharing it could help be a big help.

        Personally, it seems like we have at least one hairy driving moment a trip. This is usually due to limited visibility. Last year we popped over a hill to discover a truck passing a passenger car right in front of us. I wouldn’t have bet we could have fit the three of us across the road at once, but we did. If I have a truck that wants past I get as far over as I can, slow down and let the big dog run.

        Good luck and be careful,


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