SSE Bear hunt continues (pics)



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  • SSE Bear hunt continues (pics)

    Bear in the Boat is a good feeling.

    The weather broke a little last week on Prince of Wales Island. The spring has been very cold with the first part of May still like winter. The Bear continue to show up on the beach as they turn green. But some parts of the uplads are turning greener faster that the beachs so i'm sure some Bear won't be drawn to the beaches like normal.

    Jeff (from Utah) traveled to POW Island to hunt with his brother who flew down from Kodiak.
    johnnie laird

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    two happy brothers

    We had a great week. Jeff took a geart Bear with very nice long curly hair. He made the 125 yard shot from the point on his left with his .06 loaded with 180 grain Failsafe boollits

    johnnie laird


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      john's P&Y

      A couple days earlier john made the perfect stalk on the 19 12/16"... 6 1/2 footer.

      His 70 lb Mathews Switchback shooting Gold Tip / Shuttle Lock arrows worked.

      The pack to the skiff.

      johnnie laird


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        That last pic is a trophy. I think a pic like that looks as good as a rug on the wall.Horse


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          Great Pics
          Living the Alaskan Dream
          Gary Keller
          Anchorage, AK


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            the trophy pic

            Yep ... horse .... That one is a dandy.

            Brian had packed the meat out and John packed the hide. Brian (guide) saw the 'shot' and took it. We try to take a lot of pics during a hunt and most of the time don't take enough.

            You know that sometimes we are all rewarded with one very excellent picture, and thats one for sure.
            johnnie laird


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              Thanks, Johnnie!

              The photos really make it come alive. Thanks for posting them! Have a great summer, Johnnie!

              Michael Strahan
              Site Owner
              Alaska Hunt Consultant
              1 (406) 662-1791


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                Thanks Mike .... the hunt continues

                It will be over to the Misty Fjords (mainland east of Ketchikan) next week. With the late spring and the mainland having later bear than the Islands; because of being a Glacier and colder area; the hunt sould be great. Than after that it is deep into the mainland hunting out of Hyder.

                Still plenty of more fun in the sun ... good luck to you spring bear hunters.
                johnnie laird


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                  Thanks for sharing, looks like it was a lot of fun out there. Congratulations!


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                    Nice job guys, those are some great looking bears!! Can't wait to go out and do some black bear hunting myself!! Good luck to all you bear hunters!!


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                      Great pics, they all turned out fantastic



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                        Great pics

                        Great pictures of a great hunt. Good job and thanks for sharing your adventure with us.


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                          Great photo's, happy face's and good looking bears too..........makes me yearn for SE AK!



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