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  • Interior baiting....

    We got our stands set up on the Elliot this weekend.
    It seems a bit early due to the late Spring this year, and its hard to believe its almost Memorial Day.
    Anbody get their black bear baitstation set up in the interior? Any hits yet?
    Hopefully some action starting for some out there! We hope to nock an arrow for a big one soon....

    Proud to be an American!

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    Put one out off the parks outside of town friday will check here in a few days if i got any hits.


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      Dont let the late spring fool you. I just came back from my annual bear camp out of tok. we had the bait out 2 weeks ago and we had immediate hits. mostly sows and cubs but my dad shot a average bear. it was the first lone one that ventured to the groceries and it ended up being a dry sow. We counted atleast 18 different bears. the lone ones werent cooperating with us. Oh well, atleast my dad is going back to Ky with a bear.

      Seen alot of sows with cubs and cows with calfs. Hopefully in a couple of years it will pick up. Good luck to those who are still baiting.


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        not yet

        Put out bait last weekend, checked it yesterday and no hits. Not really counting on hits until June 1st, due to the late spring and new location for baits.


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          The bears work off of the position of the sun in the sky. The temps really have nothing to do with what the bears will do. They will come. Relax, and enjoy the stress of waiting.


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            Just curious, but?

            What are you guys using for bait? We've been hunting bears out of tok for over 14 years and it has never taken longer than 4 days for bears to hit.

            We had to change bait sites this year cuz we couldnt get to the normal spot because of deep snow and we still had good success. just curious.


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              None yet!!

              We to are baiting on the Elliot. We put bait out last weekend. We went out Saturday but nothing hit our bait yet. We also did a burn and stayed out all night. We didn't see anything, until our hike out it was just a real small track around 3.5 inches across on our trail, but no bear. I know of a few people near us that haven't had an luck yet. Keep your head up though they'll come!!!


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                bears and baiting

                Saw 12 in less than 3 hours of sitting. They are out here, but it has been a late spring. Usually have a few killed before May 15. Things will only get better. All had AWESOME fur, so wouldn't worry about rubs for awhile.


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                  Nothin Yet

                  Set new baits last week and checked on Sat and no sign yet. Lots of ice and snow on the Tanana still. Hopefully soon. Good luck to all.


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                    Checked baits tonight!

                    I checked our two bait stations tonight. Both were hit ... but tonight was the first time I checked them in two weeks. The snow has finally melted at the stands and it felt good to see where I was walking for a change. I'm in agreement with everyone else ... late spring ... trying to be patient!

                    Good hunting - Ed


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                      Still no hits

                      Checked the baits on the river today and still no hits, had a dead bear by this time last year, man things are behind schedule this year. The only bait I know of thats been hit had a big griz on it. Better pick up soon or the hides wont wait!


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                        checked stands....

                        Checked the stands last night, its only been a week since I put them in. No hits yet, but hopefully by about June 1st or so.
                        I'm up the Elliot towards Minto, the setup looks and smells right. You can smell grease and anise from 150 yards away.

                        After two full past years of hard baiting with not a single hit, I'm due this year. Hopefully this change in spots will do it.

                        I'll check it again next Thursday.

                        Good Luck baiters....
                        Proud to be an American!


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                          Frank, I sent you a pm.


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