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sitting over bait in the morning?

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  • sitting over bait in the morning?

    Due to snow on the trail I have to access my bait station by crossing a glacier fed stream. By the time evening rolls around the stream has swelled and I am unable to cross it. During the night it calms down and I can make it across.
    I have only sat at a bait station one time in the morning with no success. Has anyone else done this with any luck. It may be the only way for me to get into my bait station.
    I had eight friends come to help me dig through the trail and we got turned around befor the hardest part.
    I think I may need to rent a front end loader :-).

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    Morning Bait Station Activity

    I set a trailcam up on my bait station a dispelled a ton of myths about when bears hit bait stations. From 4 am until 7 am was an excellant time on mine, but bears were hitting the station at all times during any 24 hour period. Of course the evenings were much better :-)


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      I have never used baiting for Black Bears but when spotting and stalking them I have observed them all throughout the day. They will come out from napping and grab a few mouthfull of berries and then go back in the brush for more napping. An hour later it will come back out. On and On throughout the day.


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        I took my biggest black bear at 7 am, I patterned him for a week thinking he was coming in at 7pm. After thinking that he might actually come in in the morning I got to my bait site @ 5:30 am, he came in prompty at 7 and he was dead by 7:05. Hunting in the morning works. I put a trip timer around my station so I would know when he came in, only it didn't have am or pm on it.


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