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    I received this via E-mail, not sure if its true or not but its interesting! I had to hack up the picture to make it fit the forum.

    Pogo Moose Incident - Fairbanks, Alaska
    "They were laying new power cables which were strung on the ground for
    miles. The moose are rutting right now and very agitated. He was thrashing
    around and got his antlers stuck in the cables. When the men (miles away)
    began pulling the lines up with their big equipment, the moose went up with
    them. They noticed excess tension in the lines and went searching for the
    problem. He was still alive when they lowered him to the ground. He was a
    huge 60 inch bull and slightly peeved !"
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    Yeah, that happened a couple years ago.


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      Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
      Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!



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        My guess is that not all of the moose have dropped their antlers yet...this guy's seem fairly well attached!!


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          It was a true story. I remember when this happen. Got tangles in the line with and the crew did not know and raised the line up.
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            Rut-crazed bulls

            This happened during rut. Apparently the bull responded to the noise associated with the cables moving and became tangled. He didn't live long.

            A few years ago a guy I work with was working on his car in a friend's garage. He was under the vehicle on a creeper and he heard a bull moose come in the garage, apparently attracted by his German profanity as he worked on the uncooperative vehicle. He heard the door to the house quietly open, then close. Apparently the owner of the house was entering the garage and saw the bull, then went back inside. A couple of minutes later the door opened again and there was a Bzzzzzzzzzzzz sound as the garage door went down, then a couple of loud "BOOM" sounds as the owner shot the moose in the garage. They pulled the car out of the way, laid a tarp on the floor to clean the animal, and two weeks later he and his friend had freezers full of moose meat...

            I don't advocate this approach, but it was interesting that the bull went in there to begin with. It sheds some light on how afraid of humans they are duing rut, and makes me wonder whether it makes much difference what you do to attract them at that time. Maybe they're coming in anyway.

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              Did you ever looked at the video of a moose that walked all the way to the front counter at a hospital? The long hallway is lined-up with offices, and then it ends at the counter. The moose made it all the way in, and then turned around and left. One of the employees managed to take a few pictures as the moose stepped out the door. I imagine the door was wide open, and the moose just "checked in." I believe the video clip was posted at the ADN, and the title was "Moose checks itself in" or something like that.


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                moose in hospital


                Here is that video
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