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  • Mil Dot vs. TDS reticle

    Just brought home a new Browning a-bolt 300 win. Its one of those "shot show specials" with the camo stock (sneaked it in under the wife's radar screen and it is now resting in the gun safe). Now it is time to put a scope on it and I need some advice. I really like the Kahles scopes with the TDS reticles. I have two of them and would buy another in a second. Unfortunately, Kahles no longer makes them (swarovski does make scopes with the TDS, however, the wife may get really pi---- --- when she eventually finds out the cost of the whole shooting match). That leads me either to Leopolds B&C or Zeiss's Mil Dot. At first glance, the Mil Dot reticle looks similar to the TDS and it seems logical that the Mil Dots could be used as holdover points as well as to estimate distance. Does anyone have any experience with the Mil Dot reticle especially using it for long range shooting?? From what I hear, Zeiss makes excellent scopes. Leopold certainly does also. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I would also recommend that you check out the link for "Leupold w/ ART"
    at: .
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      Mil Dots

      I like Mil Dots over any other reticle for the reasons you stated. They can be used for hold over and estimting range fairly quickly. I learned how to estimate range with mil dots in meters, but yards is a pretty simple switch over. If yo would like more information about his, go ahead and PM me and I can email you some Army Sniper information about it.
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        I have a spare Kahles with the TDS laying around. It's still NIB. The TDS, B&C, Varmint Hunter and Ballistic Plex reticles all work very much in the same fashion. Mil-Dots work a little differently. The only time I ever used the Mil-Dot reticle was when I had a Burris Black Diamond 3X12 mounted on my UA Iver Johnson AMAC 5100 LRRS 50 BMG.


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          Go with the Mil dot and learn how to use it.You will not be happy with anything else afterwards


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            well I have a leupold 3.5-10 m3 w/mildot and a swarovski 4-12 tds. honest truth is the mil dot is a very good ranging and aiming system. the tds is very good too. I would say go mil dot but you already have some tds expierience so you are familiar with them and know what to expect.

            my latest scope purchase was a good ol duplex. I have taken so stinking many coyotes with a .257 wby with a duplex scope that I am sure I will never need the mildot or tds on any big game.

            I have killed 7 bulls and at least 15 deer and 2 bears in the last 10 years, one shot at 412 yards on the range finder, one at 320 yards and the rest were less then 200 yds, so in reality it has yet to be a benefit to me on anything other then a varmint gun or to fill my accuracy fettish.

            in my opinion the fancy reticles are great for paper and gophers but for a big game gun....not necessary


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