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  • Moose Antler Drop

    I have the Fort Rich tag for 12/15 to 1/15 for moose this year. I can hunt the first week, but headed out of state for the holidays. Will the bulls still have any horns left by January 1 if I don't get lucky in the first weeks hunt. Trying to decide if I should burn vacation time that first week and try to get some horns or just wait until after the holidays.

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    is it an any moose tag? if so don't worry about it, if its a bull tag then go now!
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      maybe small..

      I'd guess anything bigger will have dropped, but some smaller bulls could be hanging on to theirs still. I know in the past I've seen them as late as the end of January out in ER (bigger than a fork, but small bull none the less). Never know though...


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        Last year I documented (and posted about) several smaller bulls with antlers until February. Larger antlers will fall earlier because of the weight and sometimes hormone levels of the big guys.

        Get out there and get one! If it's a more portable guy, he'll probably have antlers still. Look for the large "holes" on the skull of the shed big guys, hard to miss.
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          some are shedding now

          I saw a guy load a moose antler into the back of his pick up at the Flat Top parking lot on Tuesday afternoon. I didn't talk to him, but it looked like a fresh shed to me. nothing huge, but a nice antler.
          better get hunting now.


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            Moose Sheds

            I picked 2 dropped antlers last year at Thanksgiving. They were a match around 60" Brian


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              Moose Antler Drops

              I don't know about Alaska... but here in Maine, I saw a hugh bull that had dropped his antlers last week (11/25). The week before (11/18) he sported a 60+ inch rack.


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                Down in lovely downtown Anchorage a bull was wandering around last Wed with both antlers attached. (at the Office Depot, 5th and cordova) I saw him again yesterday, 98% certain it was the same bull, and his antlers are gone.


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                  Hard to say

                  I was driving down C st. yesterday and saw a Bull and he still had his antlers.


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                    2 30-40" bulls day before yesterday still had antlers
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                      Antler drops

                      A buddy saw a one-horned bull Thanksgiving weekend. Each animal varies, so if you want horns the earlier the better. Last year I shot a 45 inch bull with that tag on the 18th of December.


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                        Thanks for the feedback guys. I guess I better get some time allocated for next week. I wonder if the cold Nov. temps had an effect? I guess I will need to lower my standards a bit--sounds like the big guys may already be dropping and if I get lucky I had better not use the horns as a lever for turning him over. Thanks


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                          antler drop

                          My guess is that there haven't been any studies designed to account why a bull (or buck) may drop his antlers at a specific time.
                          Another guess is that it is dependent on many factors: the general health of the bull in question; the size of the rack; the amount of actual rut activity participation of said animal (whether the bull ran himself ragged for 2-4 weeks or got some rest and managed to eat during the rut). Basically was the bull subject to excessive stress factors, prior to dropping his horns.
                          I only know (for sure) that if I had drawn that tag, I'd plan on HUNTING. I'd wait until I was done hunting to worry about dropped antlers.
                          Ya only get to go around once, make the most of it.
                          Good luck.
                          here's what you're looking for:


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                            Now thats a nice Bull. I seen two on Elmendorf this fall that were pretty close to that size, I could only dream of taking an animal like that.


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                              bull pic

                              bull was in Kincaid (about 2 years ago). beginning of October. I was on one of the archery ranges, grunting as I went from one target site to another & he passed me at about 20', three targets after I started grunting.
                              wish it worked that easy in September.


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