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    Hello all,

    I have been to the Alaskan Dept of F&G web site to find info on the draws but I keep receiving an error message when I try to open up documents. Can anyone give me a quick run down on what I need to do? I know this is last minute as the application closes in a week but any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Probably your computer settings. I would suggest calling AK F&G by phone, or going to your public library and using their computer. It is probably set up for accessing electronic documents, better than your own.
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      OK, I have a print out of the supplement which includes the results of the 2005 drawings. Looking at the number of permits awarded for each zone, I wonder if they are set on population numbers and/or success rates. For instance, DS123 had one draw awarded with odds of .1%, so is it because access is easy and/or managed for trophy sheep? DS140 drew 100 tags with a 27% chance of getting one. Is it because access is difficult, sheep populations are high, hunter participation/success is low, ....? I like how you do your draws for sheep now, as it gives successful applicants time to organize. Here in B.C. I find out at the beginning of July, and some hunts open on Aug 1st. The gov't is going to try an early draw this year in an area where residents do not meet allowable harvest to see if it helps.
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        brno - The # of permits awarded is based on a number of things - population numbers, access, success rates, etc. DS123 was a new permit last year. We have a "governor's permit" that is auctioned off every year. The story I was told by a local biologist is that they started the DS123 permit because the governor permit auction would bring in more money if they could hunt in a highly restricted, previously closed area that holds many large rams. In order to allow that, they had to also offer one drawing permit to the general public for the same area. It was obviously a highly desirable hunt, but only one permit was awarded. I'm guessing that far fewer people will apply this year. Last year, though, the idea of hunting that promised land was just too much to resist.

        As for DS 140, it is a late season bow hunt. The success rates are abysmally low. Success is possible (a friend of mine took a 7/8 curl last year and his partner missed a 9/8 curl when his arrow fell off his rest at 20 yards), but most hunters aren't willing to put in the time and effort when the weather is getting cold, snowy, and dark. Plus, it comes at the tail end of nearly 2 months of rifle hunting, so the sheep can be a bit skittish. (Ultimately, most hunters with DS140 don't even hunt or only spend one day on the front range mountains)

        It's all a crap shoot, really. Early season hunts have nicer weather, longer days, and higher success rates - but lower draw rates. Late season tags are easier to draw, but harder to hunt. I usually put in for a mix - an early season hunt, a late season hunt, and a bow hunt....and then I cross my fingers and hope for the best. Sometimes you get lucky!



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