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    You know I read this article with interest. I took my hunter safety coarse in the 6th grade where it was taught by my english teacher. The final day each student was allowed to bring a weapon to school to "teach" the other students about it. Didn't think this was ever allowed any more. I am more than tickled to see this teacher doing this down in Juneau.


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    Firearms are allowed in schools for educational purposes with prior approval of the school administrator. That allows for rifle teams and firearm training to take place.

    When I was in Elim, I would bring my 12 gauge to school so the science teacher could take the class out to do nature studies. There were just too many brown bears around to risk otherwise. Those actions were never questioned. In Nulato I brought firearms into school for a Survival Course to give instruction to the kids. In Shaktoolik the elders often brought firearms into the shop for me to work on and repair. Never a problem. You just have to cover your bases and have approval.

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      and Gun Shows!

      Originally posted by Daveinthebush View Post
      Firearms are allowed in schools for educational purposes with prior approval of the school administrator. That allows for rifle teams and firearm training to take place.
      Well that and for a good gun show like at the Wasilla High School. Lets see that happen in California.


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        Back in highschool we used to go dove hunting or deer hunting (depending on the season) in the mornings before school and then go straight to school. We always left our firearms in the trucks and never had a problem with it. Hell the principal did the same thing. That was just a couple of years ago too.
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          I didn't even learn gun safety in boy scouts! every student in america should recieve gun safety education.
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            Yes it is a good thing to see other areas are teaching about gun safety in the schools. I was in 7th grade at Ft. Greely when we had our first one offered. Then all 4 years in high school I shot on the rifle team. Not to mention our rifles and other gear along with the range at the time was at the school. I also with the rest of us hunters and farm kids would also have a firearm in our trucks. Great to see Juneau wants to help instead of hinder a safe way to learn.


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              I wish there was some way to get this into the Anchorage schools. I teach basic wilderness skills and survival as part of my 9th grade science classes, but there is no way that I could bring guns into the school to add that dimension to the lesson. Too bad...we've already buried a few kids this year at our school from gun recklessness and violence. Perhaps some basic gun safety skills could prevent at least one needless death.



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                In Arizona where I went to high school about 5 years ago a school security guard found some spent shotgun shells and live 22 rounds floating around in the back of my truck left over from quail hunting the weekend before. This was a year or two after the whole Columbine thing went down. Cops were called swat was called and the school shut down. The only reason we didn't get expelled or even arrested is because one of the security guards saw us out hunting near his house in the boonies. He just happened to be an ex cop so it all played well in me and my buddys' favor in the end. Nothing came of it but from then on I was sure to clean out my truck before coming to school. Just thought I would share my story.


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                  just freakin awesome is all I can say about that. Ive never even thought it possible. NRA otta get ahold of this and give that school a grant or something or at least publicize it to maybe get more schools to follow suit.
                  I have a similiar story as you trents daddy. It happened up here though. Luckily the cop that handled it had common sense and believed my story.


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                    That is awesome. Programs like that can go a long way to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.


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                      Regarding Boy Scouts of America... It's been 20 years now, but I remember getting a Marksmanship "merit badge" in Boy Scouts. Don't know if they still have that, but something available then. Troops are all different and how involved our youth are depends really on the leadership of the Scout Master. Talking about this stirs some inspiration to contact the local troops... Maybe some of us can volunteer some time on this issue?


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                        Boy scouts

                        yes we still shoot and get our marksmanship merit badges.
                        all my boys in troop 562 have passed that one off at camp this summer.
                        they also have the Archery and they got that also.
                        My troop is very active in making sure firearms and Archery are in the mix.
                        I think most of Alaska troops are of the same thought, as at camp this summer both the Archery and rifle the Shooting ranges were the busiest places in the whole camp.
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                          Not the bears, the young girl scouts.

                          My 10 year old daughter's troop has had a pumpkin shoot the last couple years just before Haloween. The catch is it isn't an officially sanctioned event as GSA doesn't want to be resposible if anything goes wrong.

                          It's well organized with a rangemaster and a couple of Hunter Safety teachers present. They start it off explaining gun safety and laying down the law on the rules for the shoot. A parent is required with each girl to assist her and remind her of the rules. They have three divisions and the girls and their parents can decide which one each girl is in. BB gun/ air rifle, .22 with open sights, .22 with scope. It really goes over well and the girls are excited when this event comes up.
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                            The principal

                            gets my vote for "Educator of the Year". Is there a state level for this? I know it won't make national, but would be a nice symbology.
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                              The NRA has been trying for YEARS to get these types of programs into our schools. However, liberal judges and the ACLU blocks as much of this as they can. The NRA has a program for kids called the Eddie Eagle program that I feel every kid should be exposed to.
                              Maybe I'm dating myself, but when I was in high school back in Arkansas, we would bring our guns to school and store them in the study hall coat lockers if we were going to spend the weekend with a friend and go hunting. We would never worry about them, as everyone knew they were there and hunting and shooting was just a part of life then. Plus, we knew if we messed with someone elses stuff they, the teachers and our parents would whip our butts. Our teachers even brought their new guns in to show us. Guess what? There was never a shooting, accident or screaming kid running for their lives and we never remotely considered such a thing. The moral and discipiline breakdown in this country is evident now.........
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