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    I am looking at picking up a 15x45 spotting scope and just wanted to hear some suggestions as far as best bang for the buck. I dont necessarily want to spend two thousand bucks by any means, but preferably one that will last me for years to come.

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    ok, if not $2000, then how about $1500..

    Swarovski, can't be beat and you can get one for $1500.


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      Jack - Have you looked through the forum archives here? This subject has been debated many, many times, and there is a wealth of good info that has already been posted. Do a search - it will be well worth your time.


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        Take a look at the NIKON spotter xl. IMO it is the best bang for your buck. My partner and I have been using the same one for over 10 years now. It has helped account for almost 20 rams killed. Never a problem with the scope or finding animals. Obviously there are better glass, I understand that, but for your money, I am not sure you will find a better deal. I love the weight and size. If I was loaded with money and willing to carry a spotter another pound or two, I would probably look at the swarovski, leica, or zeiss.


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          Not Nikon!

          I took th e Nikon Xl II on a sheep hunt this year and wasted a stalk on a not so full curl, because it couldn't tell whether it was a full curl or not, thats when decided on a swarosvki. never again. Tired of hiking 1500 ft to just look at a 3/4 ram...


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            +1 , Got a Leica Televid to avoid that kind of stuff again. Good glass saves you lots of wasted time and energy when it comes to sheep hunting.


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