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  • need help on DIY Black Bear

    I am looking at taking my dad on an inexpensive DIY Black Bear hunt. I know alittle bit from taking to people and searching the forum. From what I have found out I should be headed for the Kenai Penn., should I hunt in Unit 13 or another one. I am looking for the highest success rate. Should I hunt off the Glenn Hwy? We are looking to do this sometime in the summer time, July or August. Will we be able to find bears at this time? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    July or August?

    July or August are not good times for black bears. Spring and fall are better for visibility, feeding habits, quality of coat, etc. At the end of August you may find some up high feeding on berried, but most likely later depending on where you go. You could find some on salmon streams in areas where brown bears are not in high numbers. Best bet may be to pick some trails on the Kenai such as Fuller Lakes, Johnson Pass, etc., etc., and start hiking.
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      might wanna try up near cooper lake and upper and lower russian lakes, i see alot of blackies on russian river in july right at dark, they gotta go somehwere during the day, little float tube might be fun, mountian bike back in there from snug harbor road.
      good luck
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        Originally posted by longrange View Post
        should I hunt in Unit 13 or another one.
        FYI - Unit 13 is not on the Kenai Peninsula (and is not, incidentally, one of the better units for black bears.) On the Kenai you'll mostly be hunting in Unit 7.

        The above fellas offered good advice. You can find bears in July and August, but their fur won't be nearly as nice as spring or fall bears. I'd either hunt during May (maybe early June) or during September and October. That being said, if your schedule won't allow such a hunt, go ahead and go during July or August - your father and you can still build some wonderful memories of a bear hunt. Hiking any of the mountain trails can be a great approach, or hunting the outskirts of salmon streams. Be careful with the regs, though, as areas such as the Russian River has seasonal closures within a certain distance of the stream. Read the laws carefully and follow them - and have fun out there!



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          try to harvest berry bears that are in the mountains, i'd try around cooper lake, as they usually taste good. I'm a big proponent of eating what you kill...
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