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    Im looking in to getting a trail timer/camera for bear baiting. Can anyone recomend a decent one for under $100 dollars. How well do they work? anyone use these much. I would like to get an idea of what kind and when and how big the bears are that are coming in. Been bating for a few years now and know there are more hitting my sites than im seeing.

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    Trail Camera

    I personally have the Cuddie Back Digital, but that is out of the price range you are talking about. I used it this year for fall bear hunting here in WI and had great luck with it. If you go with one of the 35mm camera you should be in that price range. I have a few of these they work well, but I love the digital cameras and would never go back to the 35 mm.


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      They all work good as long as you can keep them up.I have the bears knocking them off the trees all the time.Make sure to set the camara at least a 1/2 hour between taking pictures or you will have a full roll of film of one bear,lol.


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        One of my hunting partners has tried many times to set trail timers and they are always the first thing the bears eat at his bait. You may consider a cheeper end timer and set up some kind of cage to try and keep them from being eaten or at least minimize the damage. Fuel for Thought... Good luck and happy hunting!


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