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Water Proof or not?

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  • Water Proof or not?

    I've read where several guys say that any breathable rain gear will eventually fail in the field. Not saying that it was damaged but saying it will eventually soak through, wick or leak...

    How can a product like Goretex be used to make completely water proof/breathable waders and yet not make a water proof rain jacket?

    Any ideas.

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    Usually when it "fails", it is at a crease such as the elbow or knee where it is bent and stretched a lot. Same with Goretex boots. I have had them start leaking after awhile because of flexing. Still great stuff, tho.....
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      It's my understanding that the membrane functions best when there's a big difference between inside and outside temps and humidities. That's why waders work so well, but sometimes raingear can leak and not others.
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        Gore-Tex is a fabric that was developed to meet a military standard. That standard was the fabric had to keep moisture out at pressures up to 10 psi. (If my memory serves me right.) The Gore-Tex we know today is much better than that, but it is still a permeable membrane (hence the breathability) and will let moisture pass at higher pressures. That is why your bum gets wet when you ride your wheeler in the rain or wear a pack in the rain while wearing Gore-Tex. I have also found that at times of high energy exertion, it will not breath fast enough and allow moisture to build up inside. So, it works real good when you are standing. I use Gore-Tex because it is lightweight and packable, but I also use Helly Hansen Impertech when riding or when I really don't want to get wet. Of course the Impertech allows moisture to build up as well. So, one really needs 2 sets of rain gear.


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          Great post Talkeetna kid, I finally wore out my HH Imperetech pants after only 10 years. I'll be getting a new set in the spring, but I think I'll get bibs this time. When I'm out I usually have packable Gore-Tex in the pack and wear the HH. I will switch back and forth depending on need.


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            Gore tex fails when it is dirty I really like my commercial fishing gear in hard core rain but gorete works fine for everything else
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