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  • Sheep Hunting Shirt

    I have the Cabelas Polartec fleece with windpro as a final layer. I am looking for the one shirt I will pack in for my base layer on the sheep opener next year. I need something that will cut the wind, light, and breath. I was thinking about these 2:

    Microtex shirt
    Cabelas legacy unlined shirt

    Anyone use either of these, or have any other suggestions?


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    Under Armour shirt are great for base layers. I don't know how much they will cut the wind but they sure do wick away moisture and keep you warm. I use them for my job and hunting. They are expensive about $40-50 a shirt
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      base layer

      Patagonia light to medium weight capilene base layer. keeps you dry.
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        The North Face

        North Face puts out some nice shirts.. I use the Vapor quck oln my sheep hunt and it cuts the wind a little, then I wear my Mountain hardwear alchemy Jacket over and its all I need


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          I second the UnderArmor stuff

          I have used the UA stuff for the last 2 years and have been very pleased.
          I carry along a short sleeved heat gear, a long sleeved loose gear, and then a long sleeve cold gear. With those three shirts and my Helly Hansen Impertech rain gear, I've been able to survive some pretty unfavorable conditions, a little chilly sometime, but OK. The heat gear and loose gear do not cut the wind much at all, but the cold gear seems to somewhat.

          Good Luck


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            i wear polypropylene or patagonia caprilene in the light or medium long sleeve for my base layer. then carry a long sleeve wool shirt in case it gets cold. I wear my rain gear to block the wind. this keeps everything pretty light and i can layer up or down depending upon the weather


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              For sheep the last three years I've worn Under Armour as a base layer under Microtex. I haven't tried a lot of synthetic clothes but I'm sold on the Mircortex. It blocks wind, breathes well, and dries very quickly. Microtex will dry from just body heat while walking. It's amazing because I can't figure out how it blocks wind and breathes. I'll never wear anything else for hunting. I wore the tight UA the first year, the Cold gear the second year, and loose gear this year. The loose gear under Microtex kept me very warm while hiking down to 45 and cool up to 65. I've actually worn fleece under the Microtex and it's been good to freezing temps.
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                sheep shirt...

                I use a duofold longsleeve 100% poly--XXL tall For the price, none better, imho. I've had the same two for over four years and they are still like new.
                They dont stink near as bad as others I've used after a week in the field. I like Under armor, but they get (and hold) a nasty odor on me after a day or so.

                The duofolds are under $4 right now, tough to beat at any price, but thats a steal!...I'm gonna order three at that price.


                Like Kay9cop, I also take a fleece (hoodie) and also a marmot precip rain jacket --thats it. It's good to single digits/teens if that happens...

                Happy hunting....

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                  Base layer

                  I wouldn't worry too much about your base layer being a wind-stopping fabric. Your rain gear should do that. My current system is a long sleeve synthetic mid-weight (similar to the duofold that Frank is talking about), a synthetic t-shirt over that (then you have a cool, lightweight tee if the weather is hot, which can be common on a sheep hunt) a windproof vest, fleece hooded jacket and Pre-cip rain gear. Good to single digits.


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           and look for long underware tops.
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                      Couldn't find your price

                      I went on the Campmor site and didn't find any Duofolds for adults for $4.
                      What is the product # you are looking at? Can you describe it more fully?


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                        I clicked on the link, Biz, and it looks corrupt.

                        I did Google Campmor duofold and it popped right up. The longsleeve shirts are normally $15 on sale for $3.96

                        Look for the VariTEC or HydroDuct (Duofold) Tee listings under google
                        BTW. the short sleeved tee shirts are under three bucks!...
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                          I second the vote for the microtex shirt. Mine has been my go to shirt for all my hunting including the last two sheep hunts.


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