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Caribou Dropping Antlers

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  • Caribou Dropping Antlers

    When do caribou generally drop their antlers. I may hunt the December Fortymile hunt and they encourage taking of bulls. I know you can tell without antlers, but was just curious.
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    The larger bulls have already dropped them - they start in late Oct or early Nov. The smaller bulls and some medium bulls will likely still have their antlers. Obviously, these winter hunts are mainly meat hunts. Good luck to you!



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      Like BM said they have already begun to drop there antlers. You may get lucky and come across one that still has both antlers
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        I hunted the Dalton the day after Thanksgiving years ago and all the larger bulls were without antlers.

        I was down at Paxon Lake caribou hunting one year in November and I was watching a man stalk a caribou that was lying down on the ice of the lake. My friend and myself were sitting in my truck watching through binoculars when all of a sudden both antlers went flying up into the air off of the caribou's head and then we heard the shot. He apparently shot the caribou in the head knocking both antlers loose simultaneously. We both let out a big WOW at the same time.


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