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Blacktail deer meat...HOLY COW!!

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  • Blacktail deer meat...HOLY COW!!

    This is good stuff. I shot a couple on my Montague hunt last week and they were my first dear. I've never eaten venison from Alaska before and man was I surprised. I made two rump roasts for variety at Thanksgiving. I seared them in a hot pan, then roasted them in mushroom soup and wine sauce with a layer of bacon on top. These things rivaled the best roasts I've ever eaten and were way better than the last sheep I ate. Good stuff.
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    I fully agree - blacktail is some of the best eating meat around! I still say that sheep is equally good, and bison tenderloins are close, but otherwise nothing is comparable. Congrats on the deer...any pictures?



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      Your going to have a lot of people agree with you and I am one of them .
      My wife actually wants me to get al the deer possible it's so good .
      Cograts and yes we need pictures !!!!

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        Black tailed deer is really the best meat ever
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          Years ago when I was stationed at Ft. Wainwright, a couple of the guys in my squad went to Kodiak tagging along with another guy who'd drawn a bear tag. They ended up nearly tagging out on black-tails.

          We had a squad Christmas party a few weeks later where the venison was grilled and served. It was the best deer I'd ever eaten and folks who weren't thrilled with the idea of eating wild meat of any kind went back or seconds.
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            I've eaten venison from all over the country and none compare with Sitka. Do it right and folks who have never tasted venison will always say it's better than any store meat, even showing a little understanding about why we hunt. Some even decide to take up hunting themselves.

            Lots of great ways to eat it, but we always shoot a yearling or 2-year old and save the hams whole for special occassion roasts. Cook them bone-in on the BBQ till it's pink next to the bone and it's sweeter and milder than the best prime rib you ever ate. Stand back, because you're going to get run over by folks looking for seconds.
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              its good stuff! Have you tried wild sheep yet?
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                Yes, I have had sheep roast also...several times. None of them were as good as this deer.

                My wife hates wild game. She was raised on beef (born in NE Montana, raised her own 4H beef up here) and it's been a hard change for her to eat game. Over the 12 years we have been married my game animals primarily get ground, turned into sausage and hunter snacks.

                She had to admit that this deer was as good as any beef roast she had made. In fact she's agreed that for next year I should just forget about moose hunting and hit Montague again for a load of deer. My 10 year old son agrees...LOL...

                Our hunt was pretty good. My buddy shot 5 bucks, but he worked for it more than I did. Is stuck closer to camp and shot a small doe and a spike buck. I could have shot my limit in does easily, but was looking for a decent buck. It never happened so I settled on these two. I'm primarily a bowhunter, but the wind and crunchy snow conditions made bowhunting almost impossible. I ended up shooting this buck with my 45-70 at 125 yards...iron sights.

                Here is a crappy picture using my timer on my digi-cam
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                  Pic it is...
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                    My wife is from Thailand and when she first came here she'd never eaten wild meat and very little red meat. I took her out on a Prince William Sound deer hunt and we brought back 4 deer. We processed them ourselves down to grinding our own burger, and from the start she loved eating them. She doesn't particularly care to go hunting with me, but when I ask if it's OK to go she's never said no. She usually says, make sure you bring some back! And she always jumps right in when it's time to cut them up.

                    I gotta say, some of her Thai recipes are awesome with blacktail meat. She does a Panang Curry recipe that my friends all rave about.
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                      8" of fresh snow when we got there....
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                        Most of it melted down to 2 to 4" of ice and crunchy snow by week's end..

                        Here is a pic of my butcher block with a view. The buck died about 10' from this spruce stump. I bone out my deer at the kill and then pack back to camp. Pretty nice to be able to stand up and do this...
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                          Yeah blacktails are very good eating, they are even better in August they tend to be just layin around gettin fat n sassy..


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                            You know all this talk about Blacktail deer hunting is making me want to do some deer hunting. I have killed a lot of deer in my life, both muiles and whitetails, but have never been blacktail hunting in the 10 years I have been in Alaska. I just might have to put something together for next year. All of the blacktail meat I have eaten that friends have given me has been excellent and I miss having deer meat in the freezer.


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