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what caliber for goat

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  • what caliber for goat

    im going on a goat hunt this coming september and i wanted to see what you guys have to say on what caliber would be the best.right now i have a 270 that is shooting 1 1/2 groups @ 200yds,i have been looking at the TC pro hunter in 300mag,338mag,or 375h&h whats your thoughts on theses 4 calibers.


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    .338 worked for me.

    hit high in both lungs at 50 yds w/ a 210 nosler. Billy was dead in two steps...of course the second step was about 30 yds into some alders <grin>.
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      You probably need a new rifle...

      but take the .270.
      Repeat after me: Placement. Bullet. Caliber.


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        Your .270 is most certainly up to the task...just use good quality 150 gr. bullets (Nosler, Barnes, Swift etc). As with most animals, your shot placement is the key.


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          it's the rifle, not the caliber

          As with all game animals, dead is dead. Some time ago I started a thread regarding knockdown power of different calibers. As I suspected, everyone has a fave caliber, but no one has any type of conclusive quantitative data to support their opinions.

          That being said, if you shoot him enough times and destory enough vital organs with the .270, you'll kill the animal. I would suggest that you focus on a short, lightweight, handy, and accurate rifle rather than it's chambering. You'll be carrying it up and down all day long through all types of ugly country, including alders, devils club, berry bushes, and pouring down rain.

          Leave your ten pounder at home and find a 7 lb stainless/synthetic rifle and you'll be much happier. I personally have handy, lightweight 375 H&H that is going goat hunting next year.

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            my gun

            my 270 is the model 70 winchester classic in stainless with a nikon monarch 3.5x10x50 it is around 7lbs,but i was thinking that the encore pro hunter might be a little lighter to carry.


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              i forgot to mention...

              i only have one rifle...
              someday maybe i will get a lighter one, but for now it's the 10lb ruger for everything...<grin>
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                Nothing wrong with a .270 for a goat gun. It's more than enough rifle. If I was going to Kodiak to do a goat hunt I'd most likely step up a little in caliber to a .300 WinMag or bigger.
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                  I live on Kodiak and have taken our elk and goats with the .270 win, the best bullet in my gun is 130gr, my favorite manufactor is barnes triple shock(solid copper) majority of the goats were up close and personal, inside 200 yards.
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                    take the .270

                    Your .270 will kill any goat that walks. As for the ProHunter, it isn't that much of a weight advantage. The barrels on those things aren't light! The fluting is shallow and seems to be more cosmetic than practical. Your Winchester is at least 7.5 pounds before mounting the scope. Bullet selection also isn't super critical with this type of animal. Choose one that shoots accurately, place it where is belongs and you'll have a goat. Either the 130 or the 150-grain bullet will work just fine, but the 130 ought to give a slightly better trajectory. Personally, I think the Nosler Accubond is tough to beat as an all-around bullet if you're looking for a specific suggestion.


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                      270 bullets

                      i was shooting 130gr silver ballistic tips for deer and they work great.i was told to use a 150gr for goat so i am shooting the 150gr winchester xp3 supreme,they shoot real close to the 130gr.the 150 shoot 1 1/2 high @ 100yrd and zero @ weight of my rifle is 9lb.6oz so it shouldn`t be to bad.


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                        I would go with the 270,as long as your bullets hits where is should your fine...


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                          Well I like my 243 for goats because its light and works well for me. Although i use my .243 for almost everything.


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                            I anchored a good billy with my. 280 Remington at 100 yards. A buddy hit one with his .270, and he killed it with 2 shots from roughly 110 yards. Another one hit a decent billy from roughly 75 yards with his .375H&H, a good hit right in the chest. It took a step off a cliff and slid roughly 500 yards downhill in a snow chute before it finally stopped.
                            Hit the goat to break it down with whatever caliber you decide, as they are notorious for seemingly commiting suicide when hit if possible. They will try to step off the cliff to escape if possible, as happened with my friend. It really sucked trying to retrieve that one, but we did it......
                            Whatever you do, use the best bullets you can, such as Nosler Partitions, Bearclaws, Barnes, etc. Goats are darned tough.
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                              I would use my 270 WSM. Flat shooting gun


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