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  • The sixth sense

    I have been watching a documentaries on wild elephants and how they pick up low frequency vibrations in their feet and can tell the location of other elephants up to ten miles by the low grumbling that they make as they feed. Elephants can also detect seismic activities long before our electronic instruments can detect it.

    Seen a documentary on polar bears that indicated that polar bears can also detect low frequence noises from seals and walrus with their feet through pack ice, which helps them determine which breathing hole to hunt.

    I know that snakes use vibration and heat to sense pray and danger, because they do not have ears to hear auditory frequencies. My question is do you think that brown and black bears have the same abilities as polar bears do to sense vibration and frequencies? Often I hear guides say that bears have a sixth sense. I wonder how many other game animals carry the sixth sense and if any of the knowledgeable members out there could give us some stories or insight on this phenomenon.

    Just a thought.....Bigmnt

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    Dall sheep for sure. Watch one too long, while it is bedded down and it will get nervous and get gone. Don't recall witnessing anything of additional senses at all from a black or brown bear. Pretty much all instinctive responses to stimuli. I think they can see fairly well, hear and smell extremely well and sense touch a little bit.
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      sixth sense

      I think a lot of game animals have a sixth sense. My experiences were picked up bowhunting from a tree stand in the lower 48. I've played some fun games while trying to arrow a whitetail from 15 yards! Dont stare at them or look them in the eyes. I've literally watched the hair on their backs stand right up if I looked at them too long.

      If you ever have an opportunity to share bear stories with people who have worked around them - not hunted them, but worked around them - you've heard about the sixth sense bears have. I have seen them do some interesting things.


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        I noticed the 6th sense in my blk lab, he used to be chained up out side my bed room window, when I would look out the window at him, his back turned, he would wag his tail and look back at me, he also hates eagles, I think they really stare at him to hard. He now sits in the house and on the porch, unchained. years ago while I was hunting with a friend from Homer, we spotted a bear about 600 yards, up wind we were comcealed from sight and sound and smell and it stopped and looked toward us and walked away, amazing! I know my dog has it and probably like people some have it and some dont.
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