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  • Footwear For Snowshoe Hunt

    Looking for suggestions for footwear on a spring brown bear hunt up high in the snow. Last year I wore my leather Meindle's and they worked OK, but I sure would like to have something with a liner that I could put in my sleeping bag at night. Frozen boots are no fun. I don't like the idea of hip boots, but maybe that is my best option. Looking for experienced opinions, what worked/didn't work for you.
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    For me it's a compromise between what I want to wear hiking down low and what works best up high on the snowshoes.

    I've got LaCrosse's "Maine hunting boot" style that come with two sets of liners (one is felt and one is quilted). You can wear them without, with one, or with both depending on the situation. They're comfortable as can be yet adjustable for the conditions. Traction is good on ice and not too bad on slick, grassy hillsides.

    Most important for me, especially with crusty spring snows and occassional breakthroughs is a good pear of waterproof gaiters, which I wear both on and off the snowshoes.
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      I'm a bunny boot guy...even in spring. I love the fact that you can fill them full of water and just pour it out. I could care less how much my feet sweat i them. I've snowshoed 100's of miles in bunny boots in my younger days and never had an issue.
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        I'll be watching this thread also....I do my share of snowshoe hiking, if there's a better way I'd sure be interested.

        I'm using some high top Shnee's w/ a good set of gaitor's and 2 different liners that I change ever day, wear poly-pro sock liners, 100% worsted wool socks..

        My set up is to wear the Shnee's (speeling?) pack boots that have the high leather top, but the bottoms are rubber. To start with I wear poly-pro sock liners, and then straight wool socks over the top. I have two different liners for the boots, each day I swap liners for a dry (dryer) pair. I wear straight wool pant and roll my pant legs around the bottom of my legs/angle area, and then put my foot in the boot w/ the pant legs tucked inside the boots. The tops on my boots are tall, maybe 16", they go within about 4" of the back of knee. Only problem is that you have to tighen the bottem part of the boot good and snug, but not as tight on top because it will bind your calf muscle. Anyway, once I have my socks on, boots on with pant legs inside, next I'll put on a good pair of gator's. I use the tall gators that come up to your knee, fasten w/ velcro and WATER PROOF. After I have the gator's on I'll then put on my outer shell, either heavy bibs for sno-machine riding, or lighter [water proof] snow pants if I'm hiking right away. Commonly I'll go through creek (open water) almost knee deep, if you get in & out quick enoughj most of the time you really don't get wet. Tucking the pant legs inside the boots top keeps them from frezzzing, balling up w/ snow, and so on... The gators keep the leather part of the boot tops pretty well dry. Change my wool socks every day, or at least rotate them every-other-day. I change my lightweight "liner", poly-pro socks at least once a day, sometimes I'll change them during the day while taking a rest from hiking.
        Most snowshoe binding fit the pac-boot style shoes better than buddy boots, and unless its VERY COLD youre feet will do much better. I wear bunny boots a lot, however not when hiking in snowshoes...too hot, too wet, feels like you gota 5 glallon bucket on your foot. My 2 cents worth.....


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          Sourdough Slipper Overboot?

          One thought I had was to use my Meindle's again and pack the overboot waders that Barney's sells to cross creeks, etc. I don't have any experience with them and don't know how they would do in a snowshoe binding though. Also wondering about durability. It sounds like there may not be a silver bullet to this one.
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            I've got a pair of those NEOS and I love them, though I can't get them on over hiking boots. They just fit into my Atlas snowshoe bindings. Bring your snowshoes in with you if you're going to be trying on some NEOS.
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              I like ski boots and skis otherwise check into mountaineering boots, those would be your best bet, plus they are very useful if you do any goat hunting or ice climbing or hardcore hiking
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                If only I could pack a forced air furnace on a super cub!!! If you are here just trying to sell crap I hope the moderator are paying attention.
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