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how late to call deer

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  • how late to call deer

    how late in the year will bucks respond to calling? any chance of seeing a brown bear on one of the islands?

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    Hunted Hinchenbrook on the 8th or 9th. In an attempt to call bucks, instead called ina monster brownie. measured his front pads in the snow they were a hair shy of 10 inches across. They should be holed up by now but keep an eye out if on mont. or hinch. ended up taking 2 bucks that trip.


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      Deer will respond to a bleat call year round, but I've never tried a grunt. Brown bears, foxes, ravens, crows, magpies, weasels and almost anything else will respond to the bleat, too. Best of all, not all brown bears den up for the winter.

      We always call in pairs sitting back to back with good 360 visibility. The challenge is to get into place quietly, the remain concealed while maintaining the good view.
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        I just got back from 8 days on the south end of Montague...ocean side... the deer RAN from any kind of bleat. It was actually funny to some extent. The deer there obviously had been hunted hard and were getting pretty smart. I gave up bowhunting after the failed calling and super crunchy snow on the first day. Shot a buck at 125 yards and a dinky doe at 50 yards with my 45-70 on day three...then hunted hard for bigger bucks the rest of the time. Unfortunately the few I saw were 200 yards out and moving away. Next time I take a scoped rifle.

        My friend shot 5 nice bucks, but he put in over 6 to 9 miles a day of walking to earn them. I can't walk that far in rubber boots and like a dummy I left my good hunting boots at home. He experimented on several lesser bucks with a bleet and they also ran like hell.
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          just my thoughts

          Doug, any bear sign?? I have been told that hawkins has been hunted hard, not sure what part we are going to, just know that it is going to be on the west side, ok, so will have to put the bleat call away, as I am sure the ones on hawkins have heard Have you been shooting much?? I shot 55x at bills then vegas 298--that was disappointing, we have started doing the barn shoots after league, been getting at least a dozen people to toe the line, low score sits down after every end, I shot well, but was taken out in the end----funny thing, we shot 8 ends to get to the two of us, I didn't drop a 10 the whole time, so I have proved that I can do it under pressure. Not even sure if I am going to shoot travel league, Black sheep thinks they have what it takes to beat fletchers, but I don't see it. How is your son shooting?


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            Wayne- I don't know anything about Hawkins. No bear in his right mind was awake on South Montague. Snow is most places, temps in the mid teens and blowing 50+ at times last week (not bad in the trees though). Not a single bear track in miles of walking. The hunting was still good and we saw deer every day. Just be ready to go uphill for bucks.

            Archery is going fine. I'm not shooting leagues at all since the kids wanted to shoot this year. Justin is shooting in the mid 290's on the Vegas face and the translates to 300's on the 5 spot..he does this everytime he steps up. I'm really proud, but he still doesn't like to practice. The girls are picking it up quick.
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