Ak Hunting News: Game Board Acts on SE Alaska Wildlife Proposals, Supports Soldiers



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  • Ak Hunting News: Game Board Acts on SE Alaska Wildlife Proposals, Supports Soldiers

    This news clip is from Alaska Hunting News. Discussion is welcome, but these robot generated news threads are not monitored by the webmaster.

    The Alaska Board of Game rejected a proposal by the Upper Lynn Canal Advisory Committee to lengthen the wolf season in a portion of northern SE Alaska. The Anchorage Daily News reports:

    "The board, meeting this week in Wrangell, did not decide on a separate measure that would have allowed wolf hunters to fly and shoot on the same day because the proposal was withdrawn. The practice remains illegal in Southeast and is allowed only in certain areas of the state.

    The Upper Lynn Canal Advisory Committee, citing concerns that wolves in the Chilkat Valley were thinning the moose population, had proposed the measures. The committee's chairman, Gary Hess, said the proposal to lengthen the season was meant to apply only to wolves in the Chilkat Valley."

    The board also rejected proposals to open Swan Island and Swan Cove on Admiralty Island to brown bear hunting.

    The Board did unanimously pass a proposal design to support military personnel overseas, the ADN reported: "Hunters in Alaska can now use a soldier's subsistence hunting permit and ship that meat to the soldier."

    Read the entire article in the Anchorage Daily News >>>

    Read the individual article on Alaska Hunting News...

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    Thank you Bushrat.


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      It should be deployed soldier's FAMILY. The deployed soldier, airman, marine, sailor in Irag or Afganistan has little use for meat, even if can be shipped there.


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        I'm still waiting on details from the Board of Game on exactly what the wording was of the proposal that passed. The 172nd SBCT will be home shortly. There are a dozen soldiers from the 172nd who had draw or other permits.

        Allen, still working on the getting-game-meat-to families thing, and we're working it out with the Guard support personnel. Should announce something on that here in the near future to try to get the word out to hunters for next season.

        Thanks to everyone here for all the help in support of the military tag reissuance and proxying Tier II permits so that our Guard and Reserve families who are deployed can fill their freezers.
        Mark Richards


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