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Different GMU:s Different Brown Bear size?

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  • Different GMU:s Different Brown Bear size?

    Is there any perticular difference between the GMU:s and bear size?I know many factors play a part in this,like food supply,habitat etc
    Curious about this

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    not much of a system on this one, tends to be the farther west you get the better the bears are...on average. southeast has some good bears, but not the norm, 8-8.5 foot is a good bear down that way, they do take bigger bears, but thats more or less the norm. unit 5 and 6 pull out some really good bears as well, but unit 6 is an isolated unit with good salmon so the bears are pretty local down in those parts. kodiak is kodiak, bears average about eight foot, big ones are over ten, seen some high nine footers that had really good heads. same goes for the peninsula, alot of little bears shot down there as well, just no one tells the story of the seven foot sow they shot on their 17000 dollar hunt. not a great story. 17 and 18 have been putting out some bear bear as well, good salmon runs in that country too.
    Bears travel alot though, so a big bear outa unit 16 might get busted in unit 9, 19, 17, 13 or even 14. they'll do alot of traveling when the mood hits them right.
    So to sum it all up, big bears are where you find them. hunt hard, long, late early, mid day, early season, late season alot of them don't seem to have rhyme or reason to how they act, now some will pattern themselves in a feeding habit and some won't. any unit in alaska is capable of producing a ten foot bear, just unit 17, 18, 9, 8, 6 and 16 seem to be the most popular, could be because the numbers of hunters is higher or that there are more big bears to be found?!
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      Interior bears don't taste like sh** thats all you need to know
      I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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