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  • Penninsula Bear Hunt Transporter

    Want to book a drop off hunt on the penninsula fall 2007. Can anyone recommend a transporter??? Send me a PM.
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    Alaska Bush Sports is great. Mike McCrary has a great hunt area near Ivanov. He put me on a huge bull moose-78". He offers a combo bear/duck hunt that has got to be fun. We flew over lots of nice Brownies and huge rafts of ducks.
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      There are none!!!! Just kidding. I can't tell you how many people I have talked to that are going to the penninsula this next fall, including myself. Should be fun. I am already booking with Branch River Air out of King Salmon. Have also heard good things about Alaska Bush Sports as well.


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        mtcop71, I sent you a PM.


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          Got it. and reply!

          pm sent!!!!!


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            man for those of you hitting the pen next fall, just remember that the farther south you go from king salmon the better chance you'll have at finding a runway...alone. i'd do some looking outa cold bay and even homer for the gulf side, kodiak also does some flying down along the peninsula, as the rule goes the more you pay...the farther you'll get. good luck and have fun.
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              Alaska Bush sports

              If you can afford it I would go with Mike from Alaska Bush Sports, It is farther down the pen and more remote. Because its leased native property, no hunting pressure. It does cost to a little more to get down there but you wont have Billy bob and his cousins messing up your stalk on a once in a life time hunt. If you want some information about the other transporter drop me a line. I read a article from outdoor writer By Don Mulligan that said he saw over 50 different bears on his hunt and put a stalk on a true 10 footer. I could not find the article but did find one from his moose hunt.

              Im currently working towards my commercial pilots license and I will tell Mike knows what he is doing.

              Good luck



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