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    I know that the porcupine herd is quite healthy, but I have no idea as how to access it. I was wondering if anyone could supply me information on the logistics of a hunt like this... I was thinking possibly flying out of Chicken, but I am unfamiliar with air transport out of that region of the state.

    I hunt both bow and rifle and am looking at an unguided drop-off hunt.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Howdy Tom,

    Here's a link to maps that show Porcupine Caribou herd movements:

    There is no air service in Chicken. Closest would be Tok, but still too far away to hunt the Porcupine Herd. You'd want to fly with someone much farther north. Generally, during fall season, you're looking at the upper Porcupine River or somewhere in that region for hunting the herd. Not sure if you may be confusing the Porcupine herd with the Fortymile herd, which are right around Chicken.
    Good luck,
    Mark Richards


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      Thanks for the link, that is definitely worth taking a look at.

      I did mean the Porcupine, but I just have no idea where there would be an air service close enough to gain access to it. I heard of possibly floating the Canning river by flying out of Prudhoe Bay.

      Has anyone here ever hunted that herd or know how to access it? Just thought it would be one amazing trip.




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